The Peningo Systems Mission
At Peningo we feel that the IT Consultant should be paid adequate rates commensurate with
their skills and the personal sacrifice inherent in the life of an IT consultant.  

These allows us to field capable, motivated consultants that will contribute successfully to the
“end client’s” systems development and implementation, while attracting to the IT industry new
talent that otherwise would go to more lucrative pursuits.

With the elimination of the “
prestigious ones” there will be costs savings that will allow for the
consultant to be paid a higher rate and for the client to reduce its costs.  Both objectives
represents Peningo’s Mission.
Peningo Systems and it founders have been
involved in IT Consulting for over 30 years. Our
goal is to support the individual IT Consultant
by providing an avenue for them to be in
contact directly to the end client. By doing this
we reduce the many layers and tiers of
organizations that are involved with placement
of an IT Consultant. By reducing these layers
and tiers, cost can be significantly reduced to
the end client, while still providing the room
for the Consultant to increase their revenues.

Peningo is a for profit organization.  We have
decided to earn our “keep” by advocating,
establishing and supporting a “market place”
where the IT consultant and the “end client”
may function without the interference of tiers
of  “prestigious” companies that bring to the
consulting assignment excessive Markups and
very little else.
Peningo's Mission
Thanks to Peningo, by cutting out the prestigious IT Professional
Service and Global Service organizations, with  their
excessive markups, we have the room to compensate well the
Senior IT Consultants .... at drastically reduced rates for the
"end client"!!
Peningo for Client
Peningo for