Why Peningo Systems
As the rates for the individual Consultants have been reduced or become stagnant, the
Networks have increase needs to seek “off shore resources” in order to maintain their Margins.  
These “off shore resources” generally are not in tune with the needs of the American Business

These Networks are directed by groups that believe on the premise that Software Analysts and
Programmers of the same level of experience (in paper) are all the same and interchangeable, a
very simplistic conclusion, created by the need to have this happens to allow for centralized
control of resources selection and retention.

We should all respect and understand that these groups are trying to maximize the profits for
their Stockholders.   

Our objectives is through Advocacy  to have the ultimate Clients accept the individual
consultants directly thus allowing them to pay substantially more for quality consultants
while saving money for their own Stockholders.

The funds are coming from
eliminating the tiers of companies between the consultant and the
ultimate Client.

In the past, these tiers of organizations have justified their existence by providing some
automation services to the ultimate Client.
In todays world those services could be provided
by you, the Consultant, and it is Peningo's  objective to place the consultants on their feet by
providing guidance and direction as to how you could accomplish this.
 There is nothing that
the Client needs as administrative support that the consultant could not provide with the
assistance of Peningo.

Peningo has identified as its mission, to eliminate the use of “tiers of companies” or cartels,
thus eliminating the Mark-ups that are in the way of achieving higher earnings for the
Consultant and increased cost reduction for the End Client.

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Management at Peningo Systems
Peningo for Client
Peningo for
Why Peningo for Clients

We have identified now for several years that
the whole Technical Services industry is
moving in a direction that we at Peningo do
not want to go.  Our reasons for rejecting such
direction are:

Suppliers of IT services have been organized
into Networks of organizations or Cartels
with the purpose to
control and force a
reduction in the rates of the individual

On one side the Networks hopes to control
demand and through the Networks force the
rate reduction that will allow them a larger

The “End Client” recipient of the services
continues to pay an ever increasing rate for
such services while the quality of the
consultants being delivered to them, declines,
as the more experienced refuse to participate
in such equalitarian scheme.
While never cutting the cost to you, the "end client, for years
prestigious IT Professional Service and Global Service
organizations have made efforts to lower their labor costs to
increase their profit margins.....with little regard to the effect on
the "Quality of Service". Our mission at Peningo is to provide
to you, the "end client", an avenue for you to retain the top
available  talent, "on shore", that matches your IT needs.