Doing Business with Peningo for Consultant
Doing Business with Peningo for Consultants
Working with Peningo is easy and simple. At the point when a Peningo Member has been
interviewed and accepted by a Peningo Client, Peningo offers two options to contract for an


Under the traditional method the consultant may contract with Peningo as an employee of Peningo or
as an employee of a Peningo’s subcontractor.  Please refer for details to:  Traditional Method.

(Scheduled release is for the First Quarter 2008)

Under the consultants exchange method the Peningo Member and the Peningo Client may
CONTRACT directly.  Peningo will act only as the administrator of the Consultants Exchange.  
Peningo Members may call upon Peningo for administrative assistance. Please refer for details to
Consultants Exchange Method

NO 1099s

We do "NOT" offer “1099” employment relationships as according to 1706 to qualify for a 1099 you
must have services at risk.  As such is not the case (you will be paid for every approved hour)
classifying a consultant as a 1099 will be considered as a misclassification subject to stiff penalties from
the Federal and State taxing authorities even if the consultant were to discharge the tax obligations
under a 1099 relationship.  In addition misclassification places the consultant in a position not
supported by law, consequently all the consultant agreements (Software rights, confidentiality etc. )
may be considered null and void. (
Please see Doing Business with Peningo for Consultants)
By cutting out the "the tiers" of markups on your rate, you can cut
the cost to the "end client" significantly, while leaving room for a
nice increase in your rate....say hello to Peningo!!
As a Senior IT Consultant have you ever
worked representing one of the prestigious IT
Professional Service or Global Service
organizations for one of their "end clients"?
Have you ever wondered how your relationship
with the "end client" could prosper if you could
only eliminate the tiers of markups that get in
between you and the "end client"?

With Peningo Systems, we can achieve this
dream of cutting out the tiers of markups
leaving you more, while charging the end client

With very little to no value added, at times
these "Prestigious one" may add a markup to
your rate well over 150% of your cost. With
Peningo behind you, you the Consultant can
provide all the Services the "
Prestigious ones"
provide to the end client.

Our goal is to cut the markups of the
"Prestigious ones" leaving you and client more
to work with.
Peningo for