Peningo Traditional Consulting Method
Peningo Traditional Consulting for Consultants

Under the traditional method Peningo Systems Inc. offers the following relationships for
Peningo Members.


W2 Method of Consulting

2.- W2 with Per diem method of Consulting

3.- W2 with Finders Fees method of Consulting

4.- W2 with Per Diem and Finders Fees method of


Corporation to Corporation method of Consulting

Both Peningo employees and Peningo subcontractors employees will be asked to sign the
following documents:

  • E-business Time Voucher Agreement

  • Software Rights and Confidentiality Agreement

  • On Premises Guidelines Agreement

  • Authorization to conduct a Criminal Background Check Agreement

  • Employee instruction for Direct Deposit

  • Subcontractor instructions for Direct Deposit

All  compensation to Peningo Members (W2 or Corporation to Corporation) are based on an
all inclusive hourly rate for a specific assignment.  This means that there is no
compensation except for approved billable hours and that the hourly pay rate is all
Peningo Consultant Search
Traditional Consulting
For years we have been providing
"Traditional Consulting" to the
prestigious Professional Services and
Global Services organizations. Through
these experiences, we have developed
and streamlined the process of retaining
the Consultant. Our agreements with
the Consultants are simple and logical.

We found that keeping it simple is
exactly what the Consultant and "end
client" wants. For some "reason" the
Prestigious ones" have no interest in
keeping their relationships simple and
easy with the Consultant and the "end
clients". As a result, this puts a strain
on the relationship that the IT
Consultant has with the "end client".
This could effect the Consultants
continuity with that "end client".
With Peningo behind you, staying afloat is easy. By cutting out the
markups  and administrative overhead from the "
Prestigious ones", we can
leave plenty of room to increase your compensation, while cutting cost
drastically to the "end client".
Peningo for