Technic‚Äčal Areas

Peningo Systems provides IT Consultants to the Business community on a nationwide basis and provides support services for IT Consultants and Contractors. Peningo Systems has expertise in a wide array of Technical Areas. For a complete list please vists our Technical Areas page.

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Peningo For Client Companies

We have extensive experience providing IT Professional Service Consultants to support Global Professional Service organizations' requirements. This includes providing Project Managers, Solution Architects, Technical Architects and Functional Consultants.

Over the years we have provided IT Consultants with the expertise that the end clients require. Since our philosophy at Peningo is to compensate the Consultant well, thus insuring that we retain the best avaialbe talent for our Clients.

With Peningo Systems, you have another option for retaining the Professional Service Level Consultants with the expertise that you need. Peningo has provided IT Professonal Service Consultants and Contractors to "end clients" across many Technical Areas for more than 2 decades. If you're considering retaining an IT Consultant to support an implementation, please consider Peningo! For more information please click here to contact us.