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Peningo Consultant Exchange for Client Companies
While the Peningo Consultant Exchange is not yet operational,
we are still open for business via the "
Traditional Method" of

We expect that the "Traditional method" of consulting will
always be in high demand, however with the Peningo
Consultants Exchange, we are going to provide the marketplace
where the "Client" can search and choose the Consultant. The
"Client" will have the power to be in direct Contract with the
Consultant or to have Peningo step in via the Traditional
Method of Consulting. Regardless of which method of
consulting the "Client" chooses, Peningo gives the power to cut
out the "Tiers" of companies applying their excessive markups.  
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The Peningo Consultant Exchange is scheduled to be available
sometime in the Fourth Quarter of 2010.

For any current Consulting needs please go to the "Technical
Areas" page or "Peningo Traditional Consulting" section of this
site. If you wish to share with us any special requirements, you
can also mail us at
Peningo Consultants Exchange
The Peningo Consultants Exchange is going to be a "CLUB" of Senior IT Consultants.......many of which will be
the same Consultants that have been and are currently used by the top IT Professional Services organizations. We
at Peningo often refer to these top IT Professional Service organizations as the "
Prestigious Ones". By making the
Peningo Consultants Exchange a "Club", we can insure that the core of the Consultants that make up the Peningo
Consultants Exchange, are the Senior IT Consultants that you, the "Client", would expect from one of  the
Prestigious Ones".

By cutting out the "
Prestigious Ones" we have more control over the cost of the IT Consultant, as well as, the
compensation that is paid directly to the IT Consultant. At Peningo, we believe that it is
essential that the IT
Consultant be compensated well
. By doing this, we can insure that you, the "Client", can retain the best available
IT Consultant. With the elimination of these "
Prestigious Ones".....and their excessive markups....we have plenty
of room to cut the hourly billing rate to the client, as well as, having plenty of room to increase the hourly rate of
the IT Consultant.    

Please keep in mind that many of the Consultants that you need, will NOT fit into the "Markup Structure" of the
Prestigious Ones". As a result, you the "Client", will have a limited pool of Talent to review from the "Prestigious

Regardless of which method of Consulting you choose with Peningo, Traditional or Peningo Consultant
Exchange, by cutting out these
Prestigious IT organizations from the equation, the "Client"  will have more
quality options to choose from, but at substantially lower rates.

Once we have the Peningo Consultant Exchange operational, the Client Companies will be able to search
candidate profiles, CVs and have access to pertinent information, such as, rate, availability and location
restrictions. As to rates, we at Peningo will always advocate to the Consultant and to the Client that all rates are
"All Inclusive" of travel expenses. The client will be able to contact and negotiate rates with these Consultants
directly. At this point the "Clients" are free to go into Contract directly with the Consultant, cutting out all other
firms that may apply a markup to the hourly rate.
"Finally.....a Consulting Service that can give me the Quality in
the IT Consultant that I expect from the "
Prestigious Ones",
but at a drastically reduced hourly rates! "  Yes, by cutting out
these Prestigious Ones, Peningo can provide to you, the
"Client", the IT Consultant you need...without paying for the
Prestigious Ones's excessive markups. By cutting out these
Prestigious Ones", we have plenty of room to Compensate
well the IT Consultant, thus giving the client a choice of the top
available talent.  Everyone is happy!!