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o9 Solutions Consulting

Peningo Systems has been providing o9 Solutions Consulting and Professional Serivce level resouces for years. Peningo Systems can support your organization's o9 Solutions Supply Chain Software Consulting and o9 staffing resource needs. Click here to view profiles of our o9 Solutions Consultants. For more information, please call 1-914-921-3102 or email

Peningo Systems provides o9 Subject Matter Experts / SME, o9 Solution Architects, o9 Fucntional Consultants, o9 Technical Architects, o9 Technical Consultants and o9 Trainers supporting the following areas:

Integrated Business Planning
-Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
-Long Range Planning (LRP)

Demand Planning

-Collaborative Demand Planning
-AI/ML Forecasting
-Demand Sensing
-Allocation Planning
-Assortment Planning
-Replenishment Planning

Supply Chain Planning & Analytics
-Supply Chain Master Planning
-Supply Chain Control Tower
-Digital Supplier Collaboration
-Supply Chain Analytics
-Supply Chain & Logistics for Retail
-Replenishment Planning

Revenue Growth Management 

-Revenue Growth Management (RGM)
-Consumer Pricing and Promotions Planning
-New Product Innovation (NPI) & Assortment Planning
-B2B Pricing, Incentives & Deal Planning
-Pricing, Yield, & Markdown Management

Click here to view resumes of the Professional Service Level o9 Solutions Consultants provided by Peningo Systems.

With Peningo Systems, you have another option for retaining the o9 Solutions expertise that you need. We have supported and provided for years IT Consultants with o9 expertise to "end clients" at the Professional Services level. If you're considering contacting o9 Solutions Professional Services directly to retain o9 Consultants, please consider Peningo! Please email us at