The Peningo Method to Contracting
As stated in the previous Web page Peningo offers two methods of doing business:

Traditional Method and The Consultants Exchange Methods:

In both cases we are suggesting a set of procedures oriented toward reducing the overhead costs for
all involved.   These procedures are:






It will be necessary for the client to have within its organization the personnel responsible for
managing the projects.

The systems decisions vital to the Client’s business should only be made by the Clients employees
and management.

Although Peningo’s Consultants could be provided to assist the client manage the projects, still we
feel that the systems decision should belong exclusively to the Client employees and management.


All consultants will be quoted at a single hourly rate (all inclusive).  It will be the responsibility of
the consultant to absorb all costs associated with travel to the original work location.  For all
practical purposes they will be considered local resources.  Further travel to other locations than the
original client work site will be billable to the client.


All consultants will provide the detailed agreements to the effect that all “
Software Rights” belong
to the client; that confidentiality will be maintained; that on
client premises behavior guidelines
will be adhered and a criminal background check will be provided executed by one of Peningo’s
suppliers with a nationwide recognition as specialist on the matter.  For detail of these agreements
go to
Peningo Client Resources and Downloads page and review the Peningo Consultants
Agreements section for
Software Rights & Confidential Information and On Premises Guidelines


- Once a consultant is selected the client will issue a Purchase Order or similar document
authorizing the service and specifying the payment terms of two weeks upon receipt of a bi-weekly

- The authorizing document will specify an hourly rate and the projected number of hours.

- Client will have the right to terminate an authorizing document at anytime.  Upon such event all
outstanding worked billable hours pending invoicing up to the termination date will be invoiced
and the client will pay those hours.

- All consultant signed agreements:
Software Rights Confidentiality,  On Premises Behavior
Guidelines and Criminal Background Checks will be provided.

- Changes to the authorizing documents will require the issuance by the client of a change order.

- We offer the use of traditional EDI to issue Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Invoicing and
Payment Notifications.

- We offer the use of soft copy / e-time_vouchers to record worked hours without the need for
signatures from the Consultant or the Client.

To learn more on doing business with Peningo please review the
 Traditional Method  or  The
Consultants Exchange sections of this site.
Welcome to Doing Business with Peningo for Clients
With over thirty years of experience in
providing Senior IT Consultants, we have
developed a method of doing business that
can provide you with the services you
require without burdening you with
complex agreements that require constant
administrative attention. By streamlining
the contract process, we in turn save you and
the consultant time and money.

When retaining an IT Consultant from one
of prestigious IT Professional Service and
Global Service organizations, the value
added by their involvement is minimal at
best. When you add up the "Tiers of
Markups" to the Consultants rate coupled
with the time involved with the
administrative attention that these
organizations require, there is no value
added.  The value added with Peningo is
that you can retain the same IT Consultants
with ease and at a billing rate that is much
less than the billing rates from the
Prestigious ones".
With Peningo Systems, you get the same quality level in the IT Consultant
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and Global Service organizations. By eliminating the "Tiers of Markups"
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Peningo deserves a "High Five"!
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