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Peningo Systems for years has  supported and
provided IT Consultants with Remedy Asset
Management expertise to "end clients". If your
organization has a need for an Asset Management
Consultant for support for EAM Software needs,
please consider Peningo!
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Peningo Remedy Asset Management Consultants
If your organization has an IT Staffing or Remedy Asset
Management Consulting need,  please email Peningo Systems at . If you wish to speak with someone from
Peningo Systems,
please click here to contact Peningo.
Software’s Asset Management and Discovery Route to Value provides a comprehensive,
flexible solution for identifying IT assets and automating contract, cost and usage controls. Its
unique combination of out-of-the-box best practices, flexibility, extensibility, and integration with
related tools and processes helps you get up and running quickly with an inter-disciplinary
Peningo Systems has provided BMC / Remedy Consultants for years at the Professional
Service Level. The following are some of the Remedy Asset Management solutions that
Peningo Systems can support:

  • BMC Discovery - Identify hardware and software asset attributes, configurations,
    relationships and usage, whether always or intermittently connected to your

  • BMC Atrium CMDB - Reconcile conflicting discovery and asset data, then share a
    single source of truth across all ITIL and business service management disciplines
    and tools.

  • Lifecycle Workflow - BMC Remedy Asset Management Application Establish and
    enforce standard processes that manage costs, contracts and usage throughout
    the asset lifecycle.

  • Software Configuration Management - BMC Configuration Discovery - Automate
    the distribution of software applications, operating systems and patches.

  • Integration and Partner Solutions - Leverage built-in integration capabilities to
    connect with the applications and technologies you already own, and add BMC
    partner certified products and services.
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If you have a need to retain a BMC  Resource for your organization, please email us at or please click here to contact Peningo.
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BMC Remedy Asset Management helps you lower IT costs, manage compliance, and improve your return on capital with an operational approach to
life cycle, inventory, contract, and cost controls of IT assets. Its native integration with BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite’s IT Infrastructure
Library (ITIL®) workflows empowers you with more proactive control and greater visibility into your IT assets throughout their operational life cycles.

Key Features & Benefits

•   Includes BMC Atrium CMDB to automatically reconcile and manage data about your deployed assets and their dependencies with business services
•   Natively shares workflows, data model, and CMDB with service desk, change, and SLM applications for control over how operations affect your
•   Integrates with change and configuration management to proactively reduce software license over-deployment
•   Definitive Software Library translates discovery scan data into normalized software descriptions to bring simplicity to software license management
•   Offers contract management to automate linkages between assets and software license, lease, warranty, and support contracts to ensure   
•   Provides cost management to track total cost of ownership, chargebacks, and depreciation