Peningo Software Development
Welcome to the Peningo Software Development Page. Over the years Peningo has
provided Programmers and Software Engineers for application development.

The follow is a list of some of the software development areas that we can support:
Peningo Software Development
- J2EE based Software Development
- Java Development with Eclipse
- Eclipse Plug-in development
- Java / WebSphere Development
- Java and SQL Software Development
- C++ Software Development
- .NET Development
- Device Driver Development
- Web Based Application Development
- CRM/ERP Solutions
- Enterprise Portals
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expertise you drastically reduced hourly rates. We
have supported and provided for years Developers with expertise
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requirements to
- Database development
- Wireless Software Development
- Data Warehousing
- Client-Server Applications
- Speech Recognition Systems
- Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems
- Video Streaming applications
- Video Indexing and Video Databases
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Ruby on Rails Development - RoR Development
Software Development Areas