Traditional Consulting with Peningo Systems
Peningo Traditional Consulting

Peningo concentrates in searching for experienced
consultants that have multi-disciplines skill sets and
are experienced in the development implementation
and support of “one of a kind” software, as well as,
those that are skilled in the support and integration
into the enterprise of “package software”. Please go to
our "
Technical Areas" to review the skills and
solutions that we can support.

A Client first step in contacting Peningo Systems Inc.
is to issued a
Requirement Request Form   stating the
number of resources, the skills set desired and a
location where the services will be rendered.

Peningo will respond by providing Resumes attached
to an e-mail of Peningo’s  Members that might meet
the requirements.
Remember, with Peningo you will get the same level of quality in
the Consultant that you would get from the prestigious IT
Professional Services and Global Services organizations. The only
difference is that you can retain these Consultants with Peningo at
a significantly reduced rate, as well as, reduced time spent with
administrative overhead. How? It's easy, by going with Peningo,
you can cut out the "Tiers of Markups" and the administrative
burdens that the "
Prestigious ones" bring to the table.
For details on the steps followed by Peningo in doing business with Clients please refer to web page
Doing Business With Peningo”.   You may also contact us by sending an e-mail to

After the search yields candidates that might be of interest to the Client, the client request phone
interviews for the candidates selected and notify us through the e-mail system.   Peningo responds by
providing an e-mail with the contact information.

Once a candidate is selected Peningo requires an Authorizing Document (e.g. a Purchase Order)
issued before the start of services.  Please refer to item 4 of the Web page “
Doing Business With
Peningo” Basic Contracting Elements.  
Peningo for Client