Peningo for Consultants
Peningo for Consultants
For years the rates being
offered to the IT Consultants by
the prestigious IT Professional
Service and Global Service
organizations ("
the Prestigious
ones") have been spiraling
downwards, as if our rates are
being blown off shore!!  

With Peningo Systems we can
reverse this trend by
eliminating the tiers of
companies that are in the
middle and currently controlling
the assignments with the end
client and forcing lower rates
for us.
Don't let your rates and assignments get blown off shore. With Peningo Systems you
can make a difference!
For you, the IT Consultant, Peningo Systems is going to provide a "marketplace" where the
Consultants and the "End Clients" can enjoy a business relationship without the "tiers of
companies" in between.  As our objective is to cut the excessive markups by  the "
ones", we will guide and assist you in the process of doing business the Peningo Way with the
"end client", the Peningo Way, without the interference of the "Prestigious ones".

For the Consultant we will be offering two methods of "
Doing Business with Peningo". One
method is the "
Traditional Consulting", where Peningo Systems would serve as a tier and
administrator for your services to the "end client".  The other method is the "
Consultants Exchange" method. The "Peningo Consultants Exchange" will be available
sometime in the first quarter of 2008. With "
Peningo Consultants Exchange" we are creating a  
marketplace, where the "end client" could be in direct contact with you the, IT Consultant. In
this forum, the IT Consultant and the client are free to negotiate any arrangements for the
consulting services. At this point the consultant would be free to work directly with the "end
client" or if the Consultant choses, Peningo can step in an act as the tier, providing all the
billing and payment support for the Consultant.

For the Consultant, Peningo will also offer support services that range from healthcare
solutions and recommendations, corporate accounting services and guidance (i.e. Billing,
receivables, EDI, etc.), payroll and employment related administration and guidance,
Incorporation guidance and tax recommendations.

Also coming soon for Peningo Member Consultants is the Peningo Opinion Newsletter. This
newsletter cover core topics that has been effecting our industry and rate as we, at Peningo,
see it.    
Peningo for