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Manhattan Associates Consultant

Over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain, managing and supporting warehouse management applications (WMS) and warehouse control systems
(WCS) along with peripheral equipment involving implementations and troubleshooting daily operations.  Able to apply years of experience leading
distribution leadership teams through technical development, documenting exception process, user -training, report development, and successfully
implement continuous improvement projects. Provide knowledge in understanding the functional flow and using experience to develop WMS application
to best meet business requirements involving cost/benefits analysis surrounding application configuration with limitation for modifications.  
Warehouse Management System (WMS),Warehouse Control System (WCS/MHE),
Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS), Warehouse Optimization, Architecture & Integration Design, Transportation Management Systems (TMS),
Reporting & Labor Management (PM/LM), Best Practice, Integration Tools, Lead Development, Application Design and Assessment, Gap & Risk Analysis,
Radio Frequency, Distribution Start-Up, Project Planning, Deployment Strategy, Disaster Recovery & Continuity Planning


AssuraMed 2013-Present
Bring experience to projects that required WMOS 2009 capabilities due to acquisitions with the best method for integrating new business and and
operational practices  
Analyze interface transactions between Oracle and WMOS to identify cause of inventory variances; develop and execute a plan that may require code
change, capturing PIX transactions, or operational procedure changes
Led code change requirements for Return Automation project involving CMS application to capture the correct Ship To/Ship From information on label
and UPS website for carrier pickup and delivery

KOHLS        2012-2013                
As a consultant, led and developed the eCommerce facility startup involving the Manhattan Associates warehouse management application (2006r and
the upgrade to 2012r) as well as the Intelligrated Warehouse Control System
Core project team member of daily task and milestone
Review and validate technical and functional design specifications
Configure sys codes and related areas of WMOS against design specifications
Review and Perform test scripts for WM and WCS for QA confirmation
Develop integration exchange of XML files between WM and Host application
Configure DIF for endpoint configuration between WM and Intelligrated WCS application
Gather data for configuration requirements
Successfully reconcile XML data integrity of mandatory fields along with alpha and numeric fields
Create and manage defects in Change Control application
Configure Labor Management (LM) application to integrate with WM for tracking labor cost against user transactions
Configure Performance Management (PM) application and develop standard reports for
Work with UPS, FedEx and USPS for shipping label certification
Setup printers with the correct configuration, driver and firmware to support label certification

The Home Depot        2010-2012                
Senior Systems Engineer
Support direct to store distribution centers by resolving daily exceptions and process failures involving technical and operational procedures around
warehouse management system, warehouse control (conveyors) system, wireless equipment and related virtual servers supporting peripheral
equipment and interface for data transfer between applications for a reasonable response time.  
Provide continuous improvement practices to support the business users with expert knowledge of understanding the WM, WCS application, while
enhancing the application to meet future requirements and growth.
Monitor servers and the required services, application performance, and failures through monitoring tools and alert notifications
Support DC and team members with experience troubleshooting in environments involving Unix, Oracle, DB2, Cisco/Motorola APs, Windows servers and
monitoring network routers and switches the eliminate downtime
Log defects in HP service manager and communicate with WMS vendor on 2nd level support for reconciliation and break fix requirements
Provided resolution documents to support exception handling and future incidents
Hardware and Software support for multiple distribution centers involving Manhattan’s WMOS 2004 and 2006 application, Performance Management,
Kronos, associated hardware, and other integrated applications to Manhattan's warehouse management application
Reconcile data integration failures within WMOS Input tables, EIS application, Host application, WCS, load balanced Window servers, and UNIX db servers
and print queues
Manage warehouse control system on daily exceptions involving conveyor hardware controls, product diverts, reporting of performance, product
upgrades, and communicate on scheduled maintenance.  

NSA / VACO                 2009-2010
As a consultant, provided client through stabilization of their warehouse management application as well as developed a change management program
for escalating application changes and communication for problem resolutions
Performed application assessment against current business procedures by gathering data from end-users and determined application enhancements or
process improvements from gathering business requirements and making configuration changes
Successfully reconciled data integrity failures due to non-alpha or numeric characters in Order files and inventory variances between Venus (ERP) and
WMOS 2006 warehouse application on Oracle platform due to the initial Host design code not accepting certain PIX transactions, which eliminated 30% of
the WMS stabilization issues
Developed Change Control program to provide levels of support for IT and business escalation for internal and external support
Provided training documents to support exception handling and how to resolve failed data transfer within EIS and WMS input tables
40 % of the stabilization related to no Standard Operating Procedures, which were developed for all areas to support the design, workflow, and support
future employee training and cross-training of current employees
Configured and implemented cycle count program to allow client to maintain location accuracy and eliminate the end of the month inventory count
Developed standard reports using Crystal reports around performance and visibility to inventory transactions.
Communicated with client and vendor resolution on 30% of the stabilization issues on failed SDNs (which were tested, documented, reviewed, submitted
to vendor as an open case, confirmed, upgraded, re-installed, and tested successfully to migrate into production)

Computer Science Corporation-CSC                2008-2009
Senior Consultant
Success in supporting multiple leading retailers and wholesale grocer through application design, implementation, and support of warehouse and
transportation management applications
Successfully led multiple integration and application designs as a Project manager around Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System on
Open Systems and AS400 platform with versions 2002 and 2007
Successfully led the integration design for Manhattan Associates Transportation Management System 2007 on a J2EE platform
Supported Host design and development for Manhattan 2006 Open Systems implementation
Supported client on troubleshooting, performed training, developed SOP's and exception handling, provide subject matter expert knowledge transfer to
clients WM champions, and performed inventory reconciliation between WM and Host application  
Performed initial technical analysis to identify replacement applications, integration requirements, software upgrades and compatibility, risks and benefits
Managed integration designs using Web Methods and Data Stage integration tools
Documented current and future business process flows and wiring diagrams for design and integration requirement
Developed test plans and scripts as well as perform test scripts for SDNs to document and review result with project team for follow-up action to be
taken or migration of successful codes into production
Developed and delivered roll-out technical requirement document for training, support and future enhancement for agreement of technical scope and

The Children’s Place                2006-2008
Senior Business Analyst
Supported 5 distribution centers involving warehouse and conveyor management systems, labor management tracking, and reporting applications
Performed configuration on Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management Systems                 versions 2002 and 2004 on I-series platform
Daily communication with operations on reconciling problems relating to warehouse management systems and related applications or hardware
Successfully managed and performed redesign of E-Commerce pick locations for order efficiency and eliminate the use of picking from paper
Subject expert on KRONOS time and labor tracking application for maintenance and configuration of clock and generating reports
Supported Dashboard for report development, configuring alerts for warnings, and maintenance for update
Project lead for design and integration of material handling equipment into warehouse application
Communicated on all levels the scope and deliverable for PkMS and Labor tracking implementation at sites
Successfully created and developed modifications to WMS to improve inventory and operations efficiencies with customer orders
Developed and performed test scripts for data integration between WMS and host and WCS and WMS
Developed reports through Crystal v11 and SQL for KPIs (key performance indicators) and daily productivity tracking

Dell Computers/3PL-APL Logistics        2005-2006
Application Manager
Managed the IT functions as a contractor for an electronics company with 10 distribution centers across the United States
Project Manager for the Manhattan Associates version 2001 and 2002 Warehouse Management System on an AS400 platform around enhancements and
web portal roll-out
Provided strategic planning for warehouse management enhancements to improve efficiency and utilizing tools to increase profit sharing
Supported and maintained servers and telecommunication upgrades for customer service and warehouse efficiency
Managed and supported the creation of an internal web portal design and implementation as a central communication device for distribution centers
Managed and developed test plans, scripts for configuration and code changes for successful migration into production
Led an account focus around Six Sigma certification with adopting processes and documentations
Project Manager in the deployment strategy for a transportation web scheduler to support visibility and communication efforts with customers, vendors,
drivers, and warehouse associates
Supported Track and Trace portal for shipment visibility
Developed technical responses on RFP for contract renewals with innovative solutions around current issues and the reduction in order cycle-time
Maintain documentation on downtime to support the root cause and analysis on operational interruption and eliminate the problem

3PL-Ryder Logistics and Transportation        2001-2005
IT Superuser
Managed distribution center IT related functions as a #rd party provider for a semiconductor company around warehouse improvements.
Performed configuration and maintenance of Manhattan Associates WMS version 2001 on UNIX platform, SAP r/3, Conveyors, Put-to-Light application,
WCS and peripheral equipment
Managed and supported all modifications and configurations through performing and documenting required specifications, developing test plans,
scripts, and results for follow-up
Managed the dedicated transportation software applications, PCMiler routing tool, and maintain servers with scheduled maintenance and security
software upgrades.
Developed Statement of Work for customer agreement on warehouse optimization
Developed application design specifications for Manhattan Associates WMS implementation and modifications
Developed and performed high level and detailed training pertaining to specific WMS department (non-managerial and managerial) positions
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