Peningo On Premises Guidelines Agreement
Peningo’s Employees and / or Peningo’s Subcontractors Employees Agreement to On
Premises Guidelines

Peningo’s Employees and/or Peningo’s Subcontractors Employees working at Peningo’s Clients premises agree to:

General Business Activity Restrictions:

* Not  to conduct any non-Client related business activities on those premises.
* Not to attempt to participate in Client’s benefit plans or activities.
* Not to send or receive non-Client related mail through Client's mail systems.
* Not to sell, advertise or market any products or distribute printed, written or graphic
materials on  Client's premises without Client's written permission.

Safety and Security:  

* Not bring weapons of any kind onto those premises.
* Not manufacture, sell, distribute, possess, use or be under the influence of controlled substances (for non- medical
reasons) or alcoholic beverages while on those premises;.
* Not have in their possession hazardous materials of any kind on those premises without Client’s authorization.
* Acknowledges that all persons, property, and vehicles entering or leaving those premises are subject to search;
* Agree to remain in authorized areas only (limited to the work locations, cafeterias, rest rooms and, in the event of a
medical emergency, Client’s medical facilities).

Asset Control:

In the event that a Peningo employee and/or Peningo’s Subcontractors Employees  has access to information, information
assets, supplies or other property, including property owned by third parties but provided to Peningo employee and/or
Peningo’s Subcontractors Employees by Client's  Personnel Peningo employee and/or Peningo’s Subcontractors
Employees agree to

* Not to remove Client or Client's Customer's Assets from Client or Client's Customer's premises without Client's
*  Agrees to use such Assets only for purposes of the assignment.
* Agrees to only connect with, interact with or use programs, tools or routines that the  
Client agrees are needed to provide Services.
*  Agrees not to share or disclose user identifiers, passwords, cipher keys or computer dial  
port telephone numbers.
*  In the event the Client Assets are confidential, agrees not copy, disclose or leave such
assets unsecured or unattended.  
*  Client may periodically audit Peningo employee and/or Peningo’s Subcontractors  
Employees data residing on Client's information assets.

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Sample Peningo Subcontract On Premises
Guidelines Agreement