Peningo for Client
Peningo for Clients
Peningo’s services are intended for client companies who are stepping outside of their organization to retain
experienced Information Technology (IT) Professionals.

Please keep in mind, while we advocate that we can reduce the rate to the "Client", as well as, increase the rate to the
IT Consultant, Peningo is NOT a source of "Inexpensive" Consultants. In our "niche" of IT Consulting, we only deal
with the Senior IT Consultants, who are "On Shore". By cutting out the "
Prestigious Ones", with their excessive
markups, Peningo can provide to you, the "Client", an avenue to retain these Senior Consultants at a faction of the
rates the "Prestigious Ones" would charge.

Also keep in mind, that do to the "Markup Structure" of the
Prestigious Ones, many of these Senior IT Consultants
will NOT be in the pool of talent that is available to you, the "Client". The Client is just limited to the talent that is
available on the "Bench" of the "Prestigious Ones that meets their "Markup Structure". By cutting out the "Prestigious
Ones", the Client now is exposed to a larger pool of Senior level Consultants that are available in the marketplace.    

Peningo offers two methods of doing business. The
Traditional Method and the Consultants Exchange Method,
explained below on this Web page.

Many times you will find that our Consultants are the same Consultants that a "Client" company would use when
contracting with one of the leading
"IT Professional Services or Global Service Consulting Firms".  The IT Manager,
who has in the past brought in these Consultants, knows through experience that the rates for some of these
Professionals could range from $100 to $250+ per hour. In many cases, when the resource is not local to the Client’s
work site, the Clients had been charged an additional $30 to $40 per hour ($1,200 to $1,600 per week) for expenses.  

Peningo offers the following two methods for doing business.


This is the most common method for consulting. With the Traditional Method the Client would contact Peningo with
their requirement either by personal phone contract,
email ( or by issuing a Requirement
Request Form .  Peningo would then apply it's expertise in search effort for the IT Consultant the "Client" has
requested. The Client would be presented candidates that have been specifically matched to the client's request. For
more information please refer  to
Traditional Method and  Doing Business With Peningo


The Client searches the Peningo’s Consultants Data Base and proceed to contact the Consultant directly for interview.  
The Client may directly retain the Consultant.  The Consultant may call on Peningo for assistance and administration
support.  Please refer to
Doing Business With Peningo

If you have any questions, please email us at
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Get the same IT Consultants that the leading
Professional Service and Global Service
organizations use at substantially lower rates. This is
possible with Peningo Systems.
Have you ever hired an IT Consultant from one of the leading IT
Professional Service or Global Service organizations and wondered why
the rates are so high?

For years we have provided these same organizations "On Demand" the
Consultants that their clients needed, only to have our rates excessively
marked up.  At times, these markups can exceed 100% to 150%.  It's this
experience with these leading IT Professional Service organizations that
has led us to often refer to them as the "
Prestigious Ones".

Many times the consultants you need to retain, have gone through several
layers of rate markups. Our mission at Peningo is to eliminate these layers
of markups created by these "
Prestigious Ones", while giving the same
level quality that you expect from these organizations.
Peningo for Client