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A.  All information, including but not limited to data,
technical information, specifications, drawings, records,
and computer programs and documentation, and all works
and inventions embodying such information originated,
made or prepared by Peningo’s employees and/or Peningo’s   
Subcontractors Employees in the course of work performed
in behalf of Peningo’s Client, shall be promptly
disclosed and delivered to the Client.

B.  All such information shall be and remain the sole and
exclusive property of the Client, and shall be held in
confidence for the Client by Peningo’s employees and/or
Peningo’s Subcontractors Employees and shall not
be used or disclosed , except as may reasonably be
required in performance of work or other obligations
required by the Client.

C.  Every written, recorded, or otherwise fixed work
embodying such information shall be considered a WORK
MADE FOR HIRE, and the copyright in such work shall be
and remain the sole and exclusive property of the Client.  
In the event that any such work includes material
previously copyrighted by the Employee, the Client is
hereby granted a royalty-free non exclusive license to
use and sublicense the use of such materials with the

D.  Title to all such inventions, shall be and remain solely
and exclusively in the Client.  Peningo’s employees
and/or Peningo’s Subcontractors Employees shall
cooperate with the Client, at no additional cost but at
the Client's expense, in obtaining of such patent and
other protection therefore as the Client may elect to
pursue, and shall execute such documents as counsel for
the Client may indicate as being necessary to the
perfection of the Client's property interests therein.


E.  Confidential information shall mean all information
obtained by Consultant from, or disclosed to Consultant
by, Peningo’s Client and which relates to Peningo’s
Client past, present and future research, development and
business activities, and the results from such work
except such information as is previously known to
Consultant or is publicly disclosed either prior or
subsequent to Consultant's receipt of such information.  
Consultant shall hold all such confidential information
in confidence for a period of 5 years for Peningo’s  
Client and shall not use such confidential information   
other than for the benefit of Peningo’s Client except as
may be authorized by Peningo’s Client in writing.
Consultant shall not disclose, either by publication or
otherwise, to any person any such confidential
information.  Upon termination or expiration of this
Agreement, Consultant shall deliver immediately to
Peningo’s Client all items including, but not limited to,    
drawings, blueprints, descriptions, or other papers or
documents, which may contain any such confidential


F.  Consultant agrees to abstain from providing to Peningo’s
Client any code, programming instruction or set of
instructions that is intentionally constructed with the
ability to damage, interfere with or otherwise adversely
affect computer programs, data fields, or hardware
without the written consent and intent of Peningo’s

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Sample Peningo Client Rights in Information
and works Created by Peningo's Employees or
Peningo's Subcontactors Agreement