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Tivoli Access Manager Consultant

IBM Certified Deployment Professional in both Tivoli Access Manager & Tivoli Identity Manager. Fourteen years of experience designing, engineering,
and supporting Internet infrastructure and identity / access management technologies.

October 2007 through Present

Tivoli Directory Integrator 6.1.1 Development Support
•        Constructed a Tivoli Directory Integrator 6.1.1 event handler that utilizes an assembly line to read from the TAM 5.1 LDAP server using a changelog
connector, maps the TAM 5 DN to the TAM 6 DN (standard LDIF to minimal LDIF format), and synchronizes any adds, modifications, or deletes to the TAM 6
LDAP server, and vice versa, in real-time. Goal is to provide real-time bidirectional LDAP data synchronization between TAM 5 & TAM 6.

Tivoli Access Manager 6.0 and Tivoli Directory Server 6.0 Upgrade Architect / Engineer / Level 3 Support
•        Architected the migration of the existing TAM infrastructure from version 5.1 on Solaris to version 6.0 on AIX 5.3.
•        Architected and implemented a comprehensive User and Objectspace Migration Strategy.
•        Installed and configured TAM 6.0 WebSEALs, Policy Servers, and Authorization Server.
•        Installed and configured Tivoli Directory Servers (LDAP). Set up peer-to-peer replication.
•        Level-3 support of DEV, QA, and PROD TAM, LDAP, TDI, HTTP Server, and Websphere on Solaris and AIX.
•        Designed and documented TAM and LDAP disaster recovery procedures and participated in mock DR drills.

Tivoli Federated Identity Manager 6.1 Proof Of Concept
•        Installation / configuration / testing TFIM 6.1 POC for potential integration between Cleartrust 5 and TAM 6.

May 2007 through October 2007

Tivoli  Identity Manager / Tivoli Access Manager / Tivoli Directory Server Infrastructure Support
•        Level 3 infrastructure support for Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6 (ITIM 4.6) on the W2K3 platform.
•        Wrote a Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI 6.0) assembly line to read specific entries into IDS 6.0 from an LDIF file.
•        Level 3 infrastructure support for TAM 5.1 WebSEAL and Tivoli Directory Server 4.1 on W2K and W2K3.
•        Wrote SQL queries to generate usage reports based off ITIM DB2 completed requests database tables.
•        Audited the TAM policy server, WebSEALs, and LDAP servers for performance & security tuning enhancements.
•        Evaluated and documented recommendations to improve the current monitoring system of TAM and LDAP.
•        Tested various approaches to identify most efficient way to load 1.7 million entries into an LDAP server.
•        Leveraged Perl scripting expertise to create WebSEAL junction reports, TAM object space audits for clean-up, identify ACL vulnerability loopholes,
audit log parsing, and LDIF data comparison reports.

July 2006 through May 2007

Tivoli Access Manager / SunONE Directory Server Engineering / Level 3 Support
•        Lead engineer for technical design, planning, and implementation of TAM 4.1 to 5.1 upgrade.
•        Conducted gap analysis of the GM TAM infrastructure. Responsible for closing these gaps.
•        Documented a Level-1 Support Operations Guide as well a TAM disaster recovery procedures document.
•        Provided Level-3 support for TAM and LDAP environments.
•        Provided application onboarding support for new TAM-enabled applications coming online.
•        Rebuilt the entire TAM development environment infrastructure from scratch due to system crash.
•        Participated in the IP remediation project to migrate TAM / LDAP from the DNS/IP network to GM network.

August 1996 through April 2006
Internet Infrastructure Engineer

•        Tivoli Identity Manager Infrastructure Engineer – 2004 through 2006
o        Installed and configured Tivoli Identity Manager 4.5 in Dev, UAT, and Production environments.
o        Installed and configured WebSphere 5.1, Tivoli Directory Server 5.1, and DB2 for ITIM support.
o        Defined ITIM services and deployed W2K, TAM, and LDAP agents.
o        Deployed WebSEAL and W2K Password Catchers for password synchronization.
o        Defined provisioning policies, organizational roles, password policies, and reconciliation routines.
o        Integrated ITIM with WebSEAL for single sign-on.
o        Provided day-to-day troubleshooting and 24x7 production support for ITIM, LDAP, Websphere, and DB2.

•        Tivoli Access Manager Infrastructure Lead – 2002 through 2006
o        Analyzed business requirements and designed architecture for initial TAM 4.1/5.1 infrastructure rollouts.
o        Installed / configured TAM 4.1/5.1 on Solaris 8/AIX 5.1/W2K in DEV/UAT/PROD environments.
o        Created junctions, ACLs, POPs, and implemented TAM role-based Websphere J2EE security.
o        Level 3 support of TAM, LDAP, Web Server, and Websphere J2EE TAM API / TAI infrastructure.

•        Tivoli Directory Server / DB2 Engineer – 2004 through 2006
o        Installed / configured TDS 5.1 / DB2 & replication agreements for use with ITIM 4.5 in DEV/PPOD.
o        Wrote Perl scripts to perform DB2 SQL as well as LDAP queries to generate ITIM reports.
o        Level-3 troubleshooting and support.

•        IBM Directory Integrator (TDI) Engineer – 2004 through 2006
o        Developed multiple TDI 5.1 assembly lines for routine data synchronization / reporting needs.
o        Defined all assembly lines, event handlers, connectors, and javascripts as needed.
o        Level-3 TDI engineering & javascripting support for use with ITIM CA LDAP & W2K data feeds.

•        SunONE (iPlanet) Directory Server Infrastructure Lead – 1996 through 2006
o        Lead architect / engineer for iPlanet (SunONE) Directory Server in DEV/UAT/PROD.
o        Designed self-service LDAP account / group account management web applications using Perl.

•        Disaster Recovery Engineering Specialist – 2000 through 2006
o        Wrote the disaster recovery plan for TAM and LDAP. Implemented plan during mock recovery drills.

•        General Internet Infrastructure Engineer – 1996 through 2006
o        Implemented Network Appliance NetCache as corporate proxy server.
o        Administrator of BIND 9.x public and private DNS servers.
o        Sendmail server administration.
o        IBM HTTPServer (apache), Microsoft IIS, and SunONE (iPlanet) Web Server administration.
o        Checkpoint Firewall security administration and troubleshooting.
o        Administered and supported the implementation of Virtual IPs through the BigIP F5 load-balancer.

•        Perl Scripting Expert – 1996 through 2006
o        Wrote countless Perl scripts and web apps for automation, reporting, monitoring, and maintenance.

•        MQSeries Systems Engineer – 2000 through 2002
o        Deployed, configured, administered, and monitored IBM MQSeries 5.x.

•        UNIX Systems Administrator – 2000 through 2002
•        Installed and configured Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and RedHat Linux.
•        Wrote shell scripts, system start up scripts, managed TCP/IP network configuration settings.
•        Systems administration such as user / group administration and package installation and management.

• IBM Certified Deployment Professional –
Tivoli Access Manager for e-Business V6.0
• IBM Certified Deployment Professional –
Tivoli  Identity Manager 4.6

• SUN Access Manager 6.0 Administration

• IBM Directory Server 5.1 Administration
• IBM Tivoli Access Manager 4.1 Administration
• IBM Tivoli Identity Manager 4.5 Administraton
• IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator 5 Administration

• SUN Solaris 8 Systems Administration

• Checkpoint 4.0 Certified Systems Engineer
• CISCO Certified Network Associate
• Microsoft Certified Professional

•        7 years - Tivoli Access Manager
•        6 years - Tivoli Identity Manager
•        6 years - Tivoli Directory Server
•        6 years - Tivoli Directory Integrator
•        7 years - IBM HTTP Server
•        6 years - IBM Websphere
•        9 years - IBM MQ Series

•        12 years - SunONE (iPlanet) LDAP
•        12 years – SunONE (iPlanet) Web & Proxy Servers
•        12 years - UNIX Administration-Solaris/AIX/HP/Linux
•        9 years – Big IP F5 load-balancers
•        12 years-  DNS servers, mail servers
•        9 years - Checkpoint Firewalls
•        12 years – Perl Scripting Language
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