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Tivoli Access Manager Consultant


SKILLS/ KNOWLEDGE        Highly experienced identity and access management specialist with knowledge covering multiple areas of information
technology (IT) including security, systems integration, networking, operations, support and development.  In addition to functional areas of IT, hardware
and software experience spans systems from personal computers to mainframes.

Work as a consultant demonstrates the ability to design architectures which use technology to simplify business and reduce costs.  

Exhibits leadership through collaboration with personnel at all levels of an organization including management, IT, and non-technical personnel.

Architecture, installation, and configuration of application infrastructure services (web, application, directory, relational database, and security); shell
script programming; JavaScript; network infrastructure (remote access, IP address management, DNS, DHCP, firewalls); Unix system administration (AIX,
Solaris, Linux); mainframe transaction processing and database support.
AWARDS        IBM PartnerWorld Beacon Award
Worked on Blue World Information Technology team that received the runner-up and first place awards for “Best Security Solution” in 2005 and 2006,
EDUCATION        Tivoli Certified Consultant
•        IBM Tivoli Access Manager
•        IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
B.A. – University of Washington

January 2009 – present
Provide assistance to organizations implementing identity/ access management and general information technology.

insurance company (2009)
•        Environment:  Tivoli Access Manager 6.0 with WebSEAL, Linux, Novell eDirectory
•        Provide planning assistance to migrate access management infrastructure from local to national data center of parent company.

Local medical transcription company (2009)
•        Environment:  Windows Server 2003, GlobalSCAPE FTP Server
•        Migrated existing web site to IIS
•        Integrated IIS web site and GlobalSCAPE FTP Server to provide access control and secure communications
•        Implemented Distributed File System to provide redundant storage

  Solutions Architect
April 2003 – December 2008
Assisted organizations to successfully comply with security requirements and improve productivity through the design and implementation of identity
and access management systems using IBM security and middleware products:  Tivoli Access Manager for eBusiness with WebSEAL (TAM), Tivoli Access
Manager for Operating Systems (TAMOS), Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM), Tivoli Directory Server (TDS), Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI), DB2, and

Implemented large scale, highly available systems supporting over 100,000 users across many industries.

Major Texas gas and electric utility (2008)
•        Environment:  TAMOS 6.0, TIM 5.0, AIX, Active Directory, FileNet
•        TIM and TAM implementation technical lead
•        Integrated implementation of TAMOS and TIM in support of NERC compliance.
•        Identity management architecture and design using TIM to manage accounts on Active Directory, AIX, Solaris, TAM, LDAP, and a third party
application which required a custom adapter.
•        Documentation of architecture and design for TAMOS and TIM.
•        Architecture, design, installation and configuration of TAMOS on AIX servers to monitor individual activity under root account.
•        Assisted IBM consultants with the integration of FileNet to use LDAP for authentication.
•        Implemented high-availability configuration for LDAP and Policy Servers.
•        Documentation of installation and configuration of TAMOS.

Fortune 500 manufacturer  (2007-2008)
•        Environment:  TAM 5.1, TAM 6.0, TIM 4.6, AIX, WCS, WPC, WCC, Active Directory
•        TIM and TAM implementation technical lead
•        Architecture and design of TIM to manage accounts in Active Directory, TAM, LDAP, WebSphere Commerce Server (WCS), and one third-party
application requiring a custom adapter.
•        Architecture and design of self-service provisioning function for TIM.
•        TAM implemented in support of an order management system to provide access control and single sign-on to  WebSphere Commerce Server (WCS),
WebSphere Product Center (WPC), and WebSphere Customer Center (WCC).
•        Assisted WCS developers in the use of TAM APIs.
•        Developed plan to migrate customer from TAM v5.1 to v6.0.
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.

State law enforcement agency (2007)
•        Environment:  TAM 6.0, TIM 4.6, Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory, Lotus Notes/Domino, Sametime
•        Design, install and configure TAM in conjunction with TIM implementation.
•        Implement single sign-on functionality for Lotus applications:  Domino and Sametime.
•        Implemented high-availability configuration for LDAP and Policy Servers.
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.

Major university with hospital and medical school (2006 – 2007)
•        Environment:  TAM 6.0, AIX, Linux
•        Design, install and configure TAM to provide single sign-on to TIM and other web applications.
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.

Major US Auto Manufacturer (2005 – 2006)
•        Environment:  TAM 5.1, WPS 5.1(?), AIX, Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory
•        Provided TAM design, installation and configuration support for a call center application based on WebSphere Portal Server (WPS).
•        Populated TAM LDAP user registry from Active Directory user entries which were extracted, translated, and loaded into TAM.
•        Implemented a configuration with two levels of redundancy.  Each LDAP and Policy Server had a failover/standby at one location plus a site at a
distant geographic location contained a matching set of servers.
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.

Major insurance company (2005)
•        TAM 4.1, TAM 5.1, Solaris
•        Services requested because LDAP load for TAM upgrade would not complete after running over 48 hours.
•        Reduced load time to less than 8 hours.
•        Completed production TAM upgrade in 1.5 days.

Major advertising firm in the greater Denver area (2004-2005)
•        Environment:  TAM 5.1, Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory, Plumtree, PeopleSoft,, PSync
•        Reinitiated a TAM project to provide single sign-on for web applications:  Plumtree portal, and PeopleSoft
•        Installed TAM using Active Directory for the user registry.
•        Integrated TAM and PSync password synchronization product.
•        Provided formal classroom training.
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.

Major nationwide bank (2004)
•        Environment:  TAM 5.1, AIX
•        Installed TAM to control access to TIM.
•        TAM installation supported 200,000 users.

National data center of cabinet level department (2004)
•        Environment:  TAM 5.1, Windows Server 2003
•        Design, install and configure TAM in conjunction with TIM implementation.
•        Implement single sign-on functionality for TIM and Brio Reports.
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.

Major state tax agency (2003)
•        Environment:  TAM 4.1, AIX, IBM HTTP Server on mainframe, Outlook Web Access
•        Design, install and configure TAM in support of a web application based on IBM mainframe.
•        Integrated mainframe web application and Outlook Web Access with TAM to provide single sign-on.

Electrical utility in Rocky Mountain states (2003)
•        Environment:  TAM 4.1, Linux, WPS
•        Design, configure and install TAM for customer service application based on WebSphere Portal Server (WPS)
•        Integrate RSA SecurID with TAM
•        Provided formal classroom TAM training
•        Documentation of TAM design, installation and configuration.
  Technical Consultant
Group Health Cooperative; Seattle, WA  
May 1985 – April 2003
Provided technical leadership across the organization as a member of the System Integration Group.  Members of this group had responsibility for the
research, design, and installation of common infrastructure such as security, network services, messaging and directories.
•        Led the design and implementation of Tivoli Policy Director (TAM predecessor) on Solaris for a new website, making it possible for the organization
to offer online services to patients.
•        Implemented IBM Secureway LDAP directory (TDS predecessor) which integrated security functions of Sun and Domino web servers by sharing the
security infrastructure created for the secure website.
•        Supported application and database for IP address management, DNS, DHCP and configurations for a network of 10,000 devices.  This effort
consolidated the configuration and operation of these components of the network infrastructure.
•        Installed new help desk problem tracking application and integrated the application with the network management and other organizational
•        Designed and installed DNS and DHCP in an environment with heterogeneous hardware and operating systems including Windows, UNIX, and IBM
•        Participated in an enterprise architecture group which reviewed information technology and made recommendations to management for
implementing technology to support changes in business operations.
•        Served as a member of the committee which oversaw the implementation of security related elements of HIPAA regulations.
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