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Tivoli Storage Manager Consultant


ITIL certified Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) subject matter expert (with United States DoD security clearance) skilled in all facets of IBM backup system
server sizing, architectures, and server consolidations. Specializing in Tivoli Storage Manager backup and recovery solutions, disaster recovery
planning, and contingency planning within medium to very large data center environments (data centers of up to 9,000 nodes per floor).

Contracting to both IBM (Tivoli services division) as well as IBM business partners performing Tivoli Storage Manager related services.
•        TSM health checks and reviews
•        TSM server and client benchmarking and performance tuning
•        TSM Client emergency restores
•        TSM Server and client upgrades
•        TSM 5.x and 6.x system architectures, installation and implementations.

Systems architect with extensive design, implementation, and real world experience on high performance (and cost-effective) server solutions for
systems labeled as “business critical” to a given business unit. Develop and implement backup solutions which are designed around a customer's
restore service level agreements. Develop, review and document complex procedures ensuring business critical processes are performed in a timely
and predictable manor.
•        Extensive experience across a wide array of industries including: aviation, banking, financial, foods, government, health care, consumer products,
insurance, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, publishing, retail, railroad and transportation, tourism, and telecoms).
•        Act as technical conscience and focal point for numerous backup and contingency planning projects; determine time lines, identify project risks and
bottlenecks, and resolve project issues as required.
•        Coordinate project related tasks - liaising with various groups such as outsourcing, network providers, and 3rd party vendors. Negotiating service
level agreement services and associated costs as required.
•        Using a “Back to the Basics” approach - mentored numerous groups in using native UNIX facilities to perform system status checks, disk metrics
collection, and capacity projections. Saving customer licensing costs for 3rd party products.
•        Evaluate current designs (and offerings), and develop a consistent service offering portfolio to all business units. Reducing costs related to
licensing, support, training, administrations, and technical support.
•        Develop Tivoli architectures with a 3-5 year life cycle (dependent upon unforeseen application data growth).
•        Also specializing in Tivoli Workload scheduler, consulting on large scale UNIX/Linux/Windows automations solutions. Strong background in Windows
batch scripting, BASH and KSH scripting.

Data backup and recovery – 20 years        Tivoli Mentoring & training – 10 years         Server Automations – 13 years
TAPE, Storage, and VTL – 20 years         Intl. client interfacing – 12 years         Unix server consolidations – 4 years
Korn Shell scripting – 15 years         Tivoli Workload Scheduler – 12 years        Tivoli Storage Manager – 15 years
IBM Virtualization (WPAR / LPAR)        MS Windows – 15 years        AIX and Linux 18 years

•        Tivoli Workload Scheduler 8.3 training materials (Scheduling and Operations, Admin guide)
•        IBM Redbook - Getting Started with Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker Version 1.1
•        IBM Redbook - High Availability Scenarios with IBM TWS and IBM Tivoli Framework
•        IBM TSM/TWS Integration scripts – an extensive collection of TWS / TSM glue code scripts developed for  the automation of very large scale data


Salvus Data - Subject Matter Expert (automations, backup and recovery, IBM Power 5/6/7)                            4/10 -               
Tivoli Storage Manager technical subject matter expert - contracting directly to IBM, US Department of Defense, IBM business partners, and the private
sector on large scale IBM backup and recovery systems (Tivoli Storage Manager) as well as Enterprise automation solutions (Tivoli Workload Scheduler).
•        Provide “hands on”installation, setup on Tivoli Storage Manager 5.x and 6.x systems for new and existing Tivoli customers. Resize current
environments with additional tape libraries, Virtual Tape Libraries, memory, and disk as required.
•        Train and mentor customers new to Tivoli Storage Manager ensuring customer is comfortable with the daily complexities of maintaining their
backup and recovery environment(s).
•        Tune both TSM servers and clients for optimal performance. Develop policies, client and administrative schedules around customer requirements,
and document settings for periodic performance reviews.
•        Assist with Novell and Windows data recovery efforts as needed.
•        Integrate Tivoli Workload Scheduler into the US governments (U.S. Navy) largest SAP implementation.
•        Organize and document large scale workflows based on inputs from functional/technical architects, various business partners, management, and
application engineers and developers.
•        Convert documented workflows into technical specifications for Tivoli Workload Scheduler. Test workflows in QA before taking them live in

IBM – Technical Sales Specialist (RS6000, P series, Power 5/6/7)                                              2/08 – 4/2010
Member of IBM Power systems technical proposal team, focused on IBM POWER/AIX/Linux servers used for  high speed backup solutions within the
pharmaceutical, medical and insurance industries. Analyze current backup environments and:
•        Proposed cost effective server solutions for IBM customers. Developed architectures using newest virtualization technologies to address
customer requirements.
•        Help customers with migration from IBM’s competition (Sun, HP, Microsoft, Veritas, Legato, etc.), in order to ensure a smooth transition into IBM
technologies from our competition.
•        Perform short duration technical sessions (high and low level) with our customers during lunch hours (termed “Lunch and Learn). For example –
introduce high level concepts and and values to the director and management level , while having low level “how to” sessions with the customers
technical staff.
•        Helped medical customer save over $1.2 Million per year in Oracle licensing costs.
•        Help customers understand the strengths and benefits to IBM's virtualization models (LPARs, WPARs, and flat architectures)., and how those
models best align to their business requirements.

IBM continued – Tivoli Educational Materials Developer                                                         6/06 – 2/08
Member of Tivoli’s educational materials development team, who developed training materials in conjunction with product development, which need to
be available when the software product is released to the public. Developed materials for IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS), IBM Tivoli Dynamic
Workload Broker (TDWB), and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). Created and presented variations on training materials, to customer conferences
Team with Tivoli Technical Services organization, technical support team, and IBM business partners. Developed educational materials and lab exercises
for IBM customers seeking certification on our products.
•        Presented high level training and introductions to large audiences such as TTUC, internal IBM conferences, and Pulse.
•        Train the trainers – a model used internally to train the professional training staff on the product. These trainers travel world wide to perform
customer training as required.
•        Extensive experience installing WebSphere, DB2, Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Tivoli Storage Manager, AIX, Linux and Windows.
•        Developed AIX and Linux GRID solutions using Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker (TDWB) for customer proposals and demonstrations. Sales driven
from demo and technical discussions in excess of $1.5m per year.

IBM continued – Enterprise Automations and Disaster Recovery Architect                                       10/98 – 6/06
Senior member of Tivoli professional services team providing clients with advanced level consulting, system planning, systems automation, work flow
analysis and streamlining of complex distributed computing environments using Tivoli Workload scheduler. Senior member of Tivoli Systems
professional services team providing clients with advanced level consulting on data backup and recovery methods, as well as simulated and actual
disaster recovery efforts such as 911, and Katrina.
•        Developed and implemented enterprise wide disaster recovery, and backup and recovery plans for numerous data centers protecting up to 160
Tera-bytes of incremental data per night, using Tivoli Storage Manager. Systems based upon IBM, Sun, HP/UX, and Microsoft servers, along with disk and
tape storage products from IBM, StorageTek, ADIC, and EMC.
•        Performed client training and mentoring on ADSM/TSM, Maestro/TWS, and process definition for an extensive global clients base (N.A., S.A., and
EMEA). Helping customers increase system reliability and decrease batch run and  diagnostic resolution time from hours to less than 15 minutes.
•        Developed and deployed Tivoli Workload Scheduler architectures, along with business process reviews, critical path analysis, and documentation
of large batch runs for payroll, inventory processing, and development systems.
•        Worked on numerous “real world” recovery efforts such as the 911 and Katrina recovery efforts for large banking, financial, medical and insurance
•        Developed and proposed numerous high performance automations, and backup solutions for IBM's customers.
•        Developed long distance data vaulting solutions (1,300 miles) for customers wanting to eliminate off-site tape storage. Reducing tape media
shipping costs (to Iron Mountain) by more than $1.7 million per year.

CITIBANK – Team lead: Global Ticket Management System (GTMS)                                         5/97 – 9/98
Managed a team of six people that developed and supported Citigroup’s Remedy problem tracking system. The GTMS system involved numerous
computer systems (running with the sun 24//7) on the world’s largest dedicated network designed to collect and route problems within Citicorp’s global
•        Designed and implemented the gateway integration software between IBMs mainframe based Infoman trouble ticketing system into the Remedy
trouble ticketing system.
•        Saved over $1M+ per year  in IBM licensing costs.
•        Performed extensive disaster recovery and node fail-overs to ensure 24x365 for Citibank credit card operations.

SIMON & SCHUSTER – AIX and Sun Systems integrator                                                         2/95 – 5/97
Administrator of a complex server arrangement consisting of: RS6000s, Sun, Mac, NT/Intel, and VMS operating systems. Digitized images stored in an
oracle back-end database – which are then to be reused for publishing of new and unrelated  materials.
•        Responsible for overseeing backup and recovery procedures across three locations, all scheduled operations written in ksh scripts.
•        Worked on redefining the process of creating publications (with graphics) sold within commercial and educational markets. Translating into more
than $1 Million in savings per year, by re-using existing photographic materials from prior publications.
•        Responsible for data center equipment in northern and central NJ, and Columbus Ohio. Tasks including purchases of racks, tape hardware,
coordination with power and HVAC teams, and support contracts for hardware and software.

EXXON – Systems Integrator / Data center focal point                                                         2/90 – 2/95
Senior member of technical support team servicing a division 125 people, (electrical, chemical, mechanical, technical computing). Primary contact for
research and engineering labs equipped with numerous systems dedicated to the testing of new technologies associated with real time processing of
refinery/oil field data.
Responsible for backup and recovery of IBM, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, and DEC development systems in Exxon’s Lab environment.
•        Author of automation scripts performing systems backups, data feed movements, and automated nightly compiles.
•        Responsible for extensive hardware/software contracts. Other responsibilities include computer systems administration, computer security audit
preparation and compliance, and employee training of operating systems and related software.
•        Responsible for the scoping and purchasing of technical equipment for the group as required.
•        Evaluate, test and create standards offering for data center equipment, by creating these standard offerings we were able to reduce operational
cost by more than $1.2 Million dollars per year.

AT&T BELL LABS – UNIX systems administrator                                                                  3/89 – 2/90
Member of the Bell labs UNIX systems administration team, located at the UNIX R&D facility in Summit, NJ. Assist
system developers with the scheduling of system alterations, maintenance, upgrades, shutdowns and IML-IPL boot
•        Troubleshooting of hardware and software malfunctions and advising appropriate person(s) of necessary corrective actions taken.
•        Assist various design teams with installs / moves / retirements, network cabling, etc.
•        Authored and automated system backup scripts for Bell's UNIX systems development environment across Amdahl, DEC, SUN, and AT&T hardware.

MORRIS COUNTY GOVERNMENT – Senior Computer Operator                                                           2/87 – 3/89
Member of mainframe operations group, rotating second and third shift as required. Responsible for daily, weekly,
monthly, and yearly run cycles. Responsible for training of new team members and filling on shifts which are under
staffed due to vacation schedules.
•   Assisted in creating and maintaining batch schedules associated with county payrolls, property taxes, water
   departments, and criminal probation applications running on IBM mainframe, DEC/VAX, and Data General
•   Test communication lines (digital and analog) and worked with appropriate vendors to resolve data-com
   problems. Responsible for the training of entry level operators.
•   Desktop system support with MS-DOS system installations, 3270 communications, Lot
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