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Tivoli Storage Manager Consultant

Thirty years of experience in leading edge system integrations, leading and managing application development, database engineering, monitoring,
disaster and recovery solutions for large companies and some government projects on a variety of platforms.  Has been a disaster recovery engineer,
system integrator, task leader, system  and/or database administrator, test configuration, and monitoring lead on projects using Tivoli TEC, TSM, Avamar,
Commvault, DPA, ORACLE, DB2, UNIX, Linux, AIX, SAN, OPNET, VM, and Solaris.  Has written system, program, database, and complete disaster and
recovery specification documents.    

Expertise:          Sr IT Disaster and Recovery Engineer/Architect                        11+ years
                  TSM, Avamar, Commvault

                  Database Test Engineer/Architect                                        10 years
                  Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MS Access, and DB2

                  Operating System Administrator                                        10 years
                  AIX,UNIX,Linux, and Solaris

Environment:         Military, Bank, Hospital, Health Organization, Auction, Industry, Government, Insurance, Support and Agriculture.

Clearance:         Security Clearance Clearable

Hardware:          SUN, and IBM, S70, and P-series, SAN, ATL, VTL, TS3500, Storage Tek libraries, Clariion, EDL, Data Domain, and EMC grids.

Languages:         SQL, Perl, CGI, HTML, and Korn.

Professional Experience:

2008 - Present
Sr.  IT Disaster  Recovery Engineer

Architected  and implementing couple of TSM library managers in different sites. SUN T5220 servers, several EDL 4206 4208, and Data Domains 880 were
used to implement VTLs.  This new environment resulted in GM being able to accommodate new projects and more backup capacity for several hundred
TBs of data and 33 TSM instances.  As part of the achievement, TBs of data is to be migrated from Gresham, STK libraries into Virtual Tape Libraries.  
Configured and maintained two Commvault servers with Simpana 8 Galaxy.

As part of a team, installed  Avamar Grids on several sites.  Administered several Avamar, Netbackup, and Netapp servers worldwide.  Installed and
configured EBA to monitor twelve Avamar servers.  Did Linux, AIX and StorNext administration.   This project resulted in tape consumption and overall
backup expense reduction.

2006 to 2008
IBM Tivoli Services
Sr. IT Disaster Recovery Engineer

Maintained nine TSM and Avamar servers, in HP, AIX, Windows and ATL environment.  Installed and configured Commvault to backup all windows clients
in the bank.

DIMHRS (Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System)
In a defense environment using Linux, AIX, Windows, TSM, TEC, TDP, SAN, DB2, Oracle, 3583, 3584, and TS3500 libraries with ALMS, reviewed, made
suggestions, and upgraded TSM. Implemented TSM TEC monitoring and TDP for clients. As a TSM administrator, defined libraries using ALMS, and
supported several TSM servers and clients for backup and recovery.  The team implemented additional disaster recovery protection using Flash Copy
and IBM Global Mirroring.

Hospital Corporation of America
Reviewed and recommended a standard for backups in several TSM servers in AIX, Solaris, SAN, LAN Free, ACSLS Storage Tek, EMC environment.  
Moved TBs of data from old to new TSM environments.  Installed TSM and trouble shooted ACSLS library environment.  EBA was used to monitor TSM

Set up TSM in windows environment with 3582 library. Did backups and restores servers successfully.

LA Times
As a senior admin, migrated data from TSM, Oracle, Linux, AIX, and SUN  server to TSM in windows environment.  Configured TSM with SAN, HSM, and
3584 libraries.

1999 to 2006
IBM Global Services
Senior TSM, AIX, and Database Administrator

As a senior AIX/TSM admin in the northern US in IBM, responsible for backup and recovery of Global Storage Architecture using TSM.  LAN free was used
to implemented monitoring, and scripting for TSM team. Planed and did Disaster Recovery. Installed, upgraded, and configured AIX, TSM, and other
software on hundreds of servers.  User, security, Linux, SAN, HACMP, LPAR  administration, migration, etc were among my other daily tasks.

Supported commercial accounts like GSA, APEX, CHASE, Delphion, National Starch and others from Canada all the way to Austin and San Jose.  Supported
17 servers at a time.   

At IBM Global Services, implemented and tested TDS (Tivoli Decision Support), NetView, and TEC monitoring for IBM TSM team in North America.

At IBM Global Services, installed AIX, Sybase, Oracle, SQL server, and DB2 servers, and restored several RS6000 and P-series servers.

1995 to 1998
Lead System Engineer, Integrator, Test Configuration Lead and Database Administrator

At the Army's SBIS project, responsible for system engineering, architectural design, database implementation, administration and fine tuning, test and
installation of several Army's SBIS applications, and its training systems. Army uses RS-6000 ( R24, or 59H ) servers with AIX, ORACLE database, Designer
& Developer 2000, Peoplesoft database, SAS, SQR, Applix, Xwindows, Windows NT and several other systems on this project.  Responsible for reviewing
of installation manual for the packages delivered.  As the technical lead successfully accomplished the Technical Tests for two applications delivered.   
Tivoli was used to distribute the applications on site.  Using HTML and CGI  created Web contents and placed a public safety information database on the
Internet for the Army.  I wrote requirements for installation, data warehousing and account management of all the SBIS applications.   System
administration, upgrade and configuration of new and existing-off-the shelf software and hardware products was part of my responsibilities, as well.  
Furthermore, I set up a HP  server with HP UX and Petrol to monitor database activities.  I set up a Windows NT environment to be used for all
documentation.  I received an appreciation letter from the Army’s Project Manager for  ‘professionalism’, ‘enthusiasm’, ’outstanding performance’, and
‘for the great support’.

1994 to 1995
The US Department of Agriculture
Task Leader, UNIX, and Database Administrator

Full Life Cycle analysis and Oracle database implementation

1983 to 1994
I-NET, Inc.
Network and Database Administrator / Task Leader / Analyst

I did system implementation for The Department of Health and Human Services.


  1987 - 1990
          (a)  Degree:           MS in Computer Systems Management

          (b)  Major Subject:   Project Management, Quality
                  Improvement, Management of Technical Employees,
                  Financial Management, System Analysis, and Database Design.

                                  Professional Development Certificate

  1980 - 1982
           (a)  Degree:           BS in Electrical Engineering
                                  Laude Graduate

           (b)  Major Subject:  Computer Hardware and Electronics Design.

Windmill Systems Installation by Midwest Renewable Energy Association, June 1998.  How to design, setup, and install stand alone and/or grid inner tied

Problem Determination by Tivoli, May 1999.

Photovoltaic Systems Installation by Midwest Renewable Energy Association, June 1999.  How to design, setup, and install stand alone and/or grid inner
tied solar panels.
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