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Tivoli Storage Manager Consultant

Over twenty years experience. TSM Consultant with a strong background in providing IBM POWER/pSeries / PowerVM / AIX / TSM professional services.
Performs architectural, implementation, and administration services for IBM AIX servers and prefer to be hands-on during delivery.  Has contributed
toward many successful business initiatives throughout my career and I fit best where a company needs its best people.
Core Skill Sets
IBM p7/p6/p5/p4/rs6k; PowerVM; AIX (6.1  3.2.5); TSM (V6  V3); PowerHA (V5.5->V3); Perl; Storage Services
IT Industries/Institutions
Banking, Financial, Health Care/Hospital, Insurance, Retail, Medical/Scientific Research, Colleges/Universities, Media, Restaurants, Accounting, Dept. of
Homeland Security, State Governments, Police, Military.
Work Experience
AIX POWER Platform Lead
04/2010 – present   
Lead IBM POWER 7 Architect responsible for designing, implementing, and providing for the administration of 3 x POWER 7 servers (8233-E8B) and a
p560 (8234-EMA) development server.  The project is a new, highly visible and critical application deployment that provides the core software component
supporting the world’s largest blood supply provider.
TSM Migration Consultant
04/2010 – present   
Consult on complex data export/migration from Centera, optical jukebox, and Symmetrix storage array to portable storage.  Specify several strategies to
tune, configure, and optimize wildcard, multi-threaded, multi-session extraction techniques for Content Manager API TSM client with excellent success.
IBM Power/AIX/Virtualization Implementation Consultant
2/2010 – 2/2010   
Perform Power p6 595 (4 x 9119-FHA) implementation services.  Configure LPARs, profiles, virtual networks, multi-VIO servers, NPIV attachments to
DMX/CLARiiON storage arrays.  Configure and administer NIM servers & clients.
Tivoli Workload Scheduler Implementation Consultant
1/2010 – 1/2010   
Perform TWS implementation services.

AIX p Series Implementation Consultant
11/2009 – 01/2009   
Perform remote p520 implementation services and daily administration for 2 x System p 570 servers.
AIX p Series Implementation Consultant
06/2009 – 09/2009  
Implement 9117-570 with dual VIO servers, NIM, and customize/harden AIX 6.1 & 5.3.  Consolidate several workloads into multiple LPARs.  Implement TSM
BA client & TDP for DB Oracle throughout the enterprise.
AIX System p Implementation Consultant
10/2009 – 10/2009  
Implement multi-datacenter 8204-E8As with dual VIO servers, dual-NIM, and customize/harden AIX 6.1 & 5.3.  Implement PowerHA for production & test
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Architect Consultant
07/2009 – 10/2009  
Interview enterprise IT business owners, prove new concepts, and design multi-TSM server implementation based on SUN/Solaris equipment for new
data center.  Specify detailed architecture to accommodate existing backup clients (Solaris, Windows, VMware VCB, Oracle/RMAN, MS SQL Server, NAS
(NDMP) using both LAN-free and LAN data movement.  Add new enterprise clients, and replace NBU & Legato clients with TSM.
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Architect Consultant
03/2009 – 9/2009  

Recommend and execute TSM data center migration of hundreds of client nodes to new instances at destination site.  Implement new TSM servers,
provide hardware requirements, configure server & client software, and administer.  Provide senior AIX engineering support as needed.  Provide smart-
scripts in Perl to automate the administration and monitoring of the TSM servers.
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Architect Consultant
10/2008 – 03/2009  
Perform capacity analysis and provide implementation best practices.  Validate current configuration, assess new SAP application capacity requirements,
and recommend hardware (LTO4, TS3500), software (V5.4->V5.5 upgrade), and configuration changes (Library Manager instance, Backup/Archive
AIX/System p (p570-p6) Systems Consultant
5/2008 – 12/2008  
Lead multiple implementations of IBM System p570 (p6, dual-VIO/SEA, IVE, LPAR/DLAPR, Micro-partitioning) with AIX V6.1 & V5.3.  Implemented a dual-NIM
bare-metal backup strategy. Implemented OpenSSH, and various freeware tools in an effort to secure and automate the AIX systems management.  
Automated fix and security procedures through PERL scripting.  Performed knowledge transfer to System Administrator for new technologies. Implement
PowerHA for production workload.
AIX/System p (p570-p6) Systems Consultant
1/2008 – 5/2008  
Lead the IBM System p570 implementation (p6, dual-VIO/SEA, IVE, LPAR/DLAPR, Micropartitioning) with AIX V6.1 and V5.3.  Implemented a dual-NIM bare-
metal backup strategy. Implemented OpenSSH, and various freeware tools in an effort to secure and automate the AIX systems management.  Automated
fix and security procedures through PERL scripting.  Performed knowledge transfer to System Administrator for new technologies.
TSM/AIX Systems Consultant
4/2007 – 12/2007  
        Performed IBM TSM and pSeries system services (p5, dual-VIO/SEA, LPAR/DLAPR, Micro-partitioning): AIX, NIM, TSM, OpenSSH..  Automated fix and
security procedures through NIM/SUMA via Perl scripting.  Administer & upgrade HACMP.  Administered legacy TSM server.  Installed and administered
three TSM V5.5 servers.
AIX Systems Consultant
1/2007 - 3/2007  
        Performed IBM pSeries/AIX system services: AIX, NIM, OpenSSH  Designed AIX pSeries standardization solution.  Automated fix and security
procedures through NIM/SUMA via Perl scripting.  Installed and integrated Oracle clients, MicroFocus, and vendor applications.

AIX Systems Consultant
6/2006 - 11/2006  
        Performed IBM pSeries/AIX system services: AIX, NIM, SRDF, OpenSSH, TSM.  Performed Data Center relocation services.  Designed AIX pSeries
standardization solution.  Automated fix and security procedures through NIM/SUMA via Perl scripting.
TSM/AIX/HACMP Senior System Engineer
5/2001 - 6/2006  
        Implement AIX, HACMP, TSM software and p5/pSeries, SP, and Regatta hardware systems, LPAR, DLPAR, Micro-partitioning, VIOS.  Document post
installation configuration including detailed schematics and supplementary support information.  Provide 24x7 support to System Administrators.  
Implement EMC, STK, & HDS storage solutions on midrange IBM computers.  Develop Perl APIs for storage and server software.
System Integrator
11/2000 - 5/2001   Tampa, FL
        Provide development and production environment specifications for projects.  Evaluate, size, and implement hardware and middleware solutions
for web site deployment.  Integrate and build developed code into new releases via iterative release methodology for distributed object architecture
software.  Facilitate any and all requirements for development staff with new and existing infrastructure.  Implement enterprise event management &
notification with BMC.
TSM/AIX Specialist
3/1999 - 10/2000  IBM Global Services Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia
        Provide strategic analysis of all phases of system procurement with emphasis on scalable hardware solutions.  Provide resource analysis, capacity
planning, and system administration for over 300 RS6000s based on the SP/S7A/S80 platforms for commercial IBM customers in Australia.  Provided AIX,
HACMP, & TSM services to IBMGSA customers.  Designed and implemented multi-enterprise, event notification schemes that provided a common event
management infrastructure via Tivoli.  Designed, implemented, and tested both Disaster Recovery Plans and High Availability Clusters for high profile
IBM accounts in Australia.  Develop and maintain a locally commissioned Log Adapter for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games in support of event
management, which monitored 50 nodes across 4 SPs in production throughout the games.
AIX/TSM System Architect
9/1996 - 2/1999  CSG Systems, Inc., Omaha, NE
        Designed Unix systems solutions to answer direct business requirements.  Provided system sizing, scalability, and 3rd party software studies for re-
hosting mainframe applications onto AIX platforms.  Installed and managed RS6000s including the IBM SP platform, terabytes of SSA disk storage, and
automated tape libraries.  Provided AIX & TSM installation & administration services.  Provided benchmark and comparison studies for various RAID
technologies and advised company executives of their procurement options.  Installed and managed system software as well as provided detailed
design policies for operations in production environments.  Developed advanced object-oriented Perl code for administrative automation.  On-call 24x7
support for production  systems.
Software Engineer
11/1994 - 9/1996  Sterling Software, Omaha, NE
        Developed and supported a successful Unix infrastructure product titled  "Client Server Environment - System Services" (CSE-SS).  Contributed
toward making CSE-SS the defacto-standard secure front-end user interface for the Department of Defense (DoD) intelligence community, and performed
many key roles in its global deployment across several thousand workstations.  Participated in eight Unix C programming ports for the product.  Provided
installation support, classroom training, and telephone support for hundreds of end-users.  Prepared various documents and white papers for the
project with primary emphasis on C2 security and Unix infrastructure considerations.  Provided specialized Unix consulting services for other
commercial businesses in Omaha, Nebraska.
Systems Engineer
3/1991 - 10/1994  Sterling Software, Cheyenne Mt., Colorado Springs, Colorado
        Managed distributed military intelligence applications for the Head Quarters, Space Command/Norad, Cheyenne Mountain.  Planned and
implemented the conversion of dedicated user terminals to over 100 Unix stand-alone workstations.  Provided research and development support to
various military intelligence automation projects and acted as a key consultant for communications systems planning for the commander of the
intelligence directorate.  Provided both classroom and desktop training for end-users and system administrators.
System Administrator
7/1988 - 2/1991  Sterling Software, Panama City, Republic of Panama
        Managed a distributed military intelligence application for the Head Quarters Southern Command, Quarry Heights.  Managed more than 100 Unix
workstations as well as a host application that provided the primary source of intelligence during the U.S. military invasion "Operation Just Cause".  
Provided both classroom and desktop training for end-users.
System Operator
2/1986 - 5/1988  U.S. Army, Heidelberg, West Germany
        Operated PDP-11/70s, PDP-11/84s, and a mobilize IBM mainframe for the Deputy Chief of Staff of Intelligence, HQ U.S. Army Europe.  Delivered
several briefings to Generals, Congressmen, and Department of Defense V.I.P.s.

6/1985  University of Wisconsin, Janesville, WI
        Associate Degree - General Studies
  IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert
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