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Siteminder Software Consultant


CA Certified professional having 8 years of IT experience in the field of Identity and Access managements.
Demonstrated experience in design, development, testing and implementing enterprise wide security applications using CA IDM Suite and Ping Federate
Core Product Experience include,
•        Access Management: CA SiteMinder r6, r12, r12.5x, Open SSO.
•        Identity Management: CA Identity Minder R12.5 sp7
•        Federation: CA SiteMinder FSS r12.x, CA federation Manager r12.x, Ping federate 6.x,7.01
•        Federation Technologies: SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0, Open token, OAUTH
•        Directory Servers: CA Directory Server R12, Sun one Directory server 5, x, 6.x. MS Active directory, Radiant One Logic, Virtual Directory(VDS)
•        Share Point Integration: CA SiteMinder Agent for SharePoint 2010, Ping federate Share point Integration.

Performed version upgrades for CA SiteMinder from Version 6.x to r12, r12.5x, knowledgeable in upgrading Sun One Directory server Version 5.x to 6.x.
Integrated Identity Minder r12.5 sp7 with CA SiteMinder r12.51, extended Idm schemas, installed Idm extensions on Policy servers.
Setup federated Connection with more than 80 partners including jive, MyAtlas, Dropbox using Ping Federate 6.x and 7.01 versions.
Mentored people on CA products and assisted in Install, configure and administering the policy server, web agents and Configuring LDAP.
Worked on vds Radiant Logic to create joint Connection to AD and Sun One Ldap.
CA Certified/ trained in Identity Manager R12.5 sp7 and integrated with SiteMinder.
Integrated SiteMinder with Share Point Server using Agent for SharePoint 2010
Hands of experience in Enterprise Security Strategy, Architectures, Implementation and Production support. Proven experience in setting up SSO
Supported SiteMinder / Federation and LDAP Servers on L3 support in production environment 24 x 7 shift.


•        CAT-140 CA SiteMinder r12 Professional Certified, August 2011
•        CAT-160 CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Certified, August 2011
•        Certified CA Identity Manager R12.5 SP7: Implementation 200, November, 2012
•        Certified CA SiteMinder Agent for SharePoint 2010
•        CA SiteMinder r12 SP3 Core 200 Certified, 02 April 2011
•        CA SiteMinder r12 SP2 Core 200 Certified, 26 September 2010
•        Certified Solutions Developer, ORCHID, 2006.

•        Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Bridgeport CT USA, 2008.
•        Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, SRM Engineering College, India May 2005.

Other Product Experience
Operating Systems:  Win Server 03, 08 | RHEL 4, 5.5 | Solaris 8.
Web/Application Servers: IIS 5, 6, 7.5|Apache Tomcat| iplanet Web Server| Jboss| Domino 8.5.x
Programming: Java Scripting, Java Server Pages, Windows Batch Scripting.

Professional Experience

January 2013 – Till Date
SiteMinder / SSO Technical Lead


•        Develop an Architecture model for Access management using best practice and
Implement CA SiteMinder r12.51.
•        Responsible for upgrading NBCUNI SiteMinder environment from r6 sp5 to r12.51
•        Set up Partner connection using Ping Federate 6.8( Idp and SP initiated SSO)
•        Perform load testing for login pages, collect log data using Splunk forwarders.
•        Migrate applications across UNIX, Windows platform to r12.51 agents.
•        Develop POC for Agent for SharePoint and enable SSO for SharePoint site collections
With SiteMinder protected Applications.
•        Work on CA Control Minder to provide access to servers for users based on access
•        Created Joint Condition from AD and Sun One directory server defined in VDS Radiant Logic for user Search from SiteMinder Policy Server.
•        On Site support for SSO/federation production issues.
Products used: CA SiteMinder 6.x, R12.51, Ping Federate 6.8, Linux / Solaris /Win 08/ CA Agent for SharePoint 2010, VDS Directory Server. Splunk
forwarder. CA Identity Minder r12.5 sp7.
July2011 - Till Date
Ewing NJ. Senior Services Consultant

June2012-Tilldate 2012

•        Designed and developed a roadmap to upgrade the current SiteMinder R12 to SiteMinderR12.5 environment with Configuring Report Server and
Audit database.
•        Installed R12.5 SiteMinder Components and web agents on different flavor of Operating systems.
•        Trained the client on installing and administering policy server R12.5 on test and Prod environments. Provided a detailed Install steps Document.
•        Designed and developed a strategy for AIG to integrate SharePoint 2010 SiteCollections with SiteMinder for Authentication purpose.
•        Created POC for the same which includes passing claim values from Active directory user store to the SharePoint Server for Authentication purpose

May 2012-June 2012
Sr. SiteMinder Consultant


•        Develop an Architecture Model for Liberty Mutual to Integrate, Install and Configure CA SiteMinder Agent for SharePoint 2010 with SiteMinder policy
•        Worked with CA support and provided solution to SiteMinder/SharePoint Integration
•        Trouble shoots issues on SiteMinder Policy server in production environment.
•        Worked with LM Team on increasing Performance of policy server.
•        Document all change requests for Liberty Mutual Team and provided Installation Document for GB Portal and CM Portal for Agent for SharePoint
integration with SiteMinder r12.

Sr.SiteMinder Consultant

•        Support MetLife SharePoint SiteMinder 2010 Integration.
•        Worked on Upgrading SiteMinder r6 to r12 on Dev Environment and provided support to MetLife Team to upgrade on Test Environment.
•        Provided Documentation on Upgrade process and worked with CA Support on Issues related to SharePoint SiteMinder Integration.

November 2011-March2012
SiteMinder Architect
•        Worked on Integrating SharePoint 2010 with CA SiteMinder r12 Sp3
•        Installed Agent for Share Point 2010 on Win 2008 Server, Configured and Installed Certificates.
•        Worked on Load Balancers, Proxy Servers, Creating Realm, Rules on WAM UI.
•        Provide support for SiteMinder team on Administration and production environment.

SiteMinder Architect
•        Cummins Inc. Currently has SiteMinder r6 sp5 in place for web based SSO on Solaris 10 Environment.
•        Upgraded their environment to R12 sp3 cr06 using parallel upgrade technique.
•        Sun Java Directory server is in place for User and Policy stores.
•        Installed Policy servers, WAMUI, Created Policy and Key Stores and imported Policy Objects.
•        Performed Unit Testing of Policy Server, WAMUI components for proper functionality.
•        Created a separate Key store and exported keys from r6 policy store and pointed r12 to r6 key store for a common SSO between r6 and r12 web
•        Configured Domino web agent on Win 08 server.
Skills Utilized: CA SiteMinder r12 sp3, Web agent r12 sp3, Sun Java Directory Server 6.x, Win server 08, Solaris 10, Domino 8.5.2

    Feb 2011 to July 2011

       February2011 to July 2011
Hopewell NJ. SiteMinder Subject Matter Expert (SME)

•        Upgraded the current version of SiteMinder r6 sp5 policy servers to R12 SP3 CR05.
•        Upgraded all Applications on IIS 6.0 that uses web agent r6 sp5 cr 32 to IIS 7.5 that deploys Web agent version R12 sp3 cr05 on Win 08 64bit R2
•        Worked on Installing Active Directory, DNS on win 08 server, Configuring Forward/Reverse lookup zones, Installing Secondary Policy stores and
enabling Global Catalogs for replication.
•        Documented all required steps for installation, configuration.
•        Driven three different platforms teams to upgrade r6 Policy server/Web agent to R12 Policy server / Web Agent which are considered to be highly
critical environment that focuses on Global Platform Customers(GPC Core)
•        Provided support for all platform during Installation, Configuration process.
•        Extensive troubleshooting skill working on Windows 08 server and IIS 7.5 Web Server.
•        Provided high level support to Production teams during Monthly Release of new products that uses SiteMinder Authentication.
•        Online training / KT for around 60 folks working on different platform for BOA.
Skills Utilized: CA SiteMinder r12 sp3, Web agent r12 sp3,Microsoft’s Active Directory on Win 03,08 Servers, IIS 6.0,7.5,Win server 03,08, Netscaler Load
balancer, 3DNS Concepts, Microsoft Baseline Analyzer 2.1.

September 2010 to December 2010

September 2010 to December 2010
Alpharetta GA., SiteMinder Consultant

•        Verizon wireless has the Second Largest SiteMinder environment.
•        Upgraded r6.x to r12 sp2.
•        Responsible for installation of policy servers, web agents, admin ui, federated security services, and option packs.
•        Involved in OS hardening of Linux and windows server based environments.
•        Participated in all business meetings with stake holders and given valid suggestions for the best security practices. Created POC for Federation.
•        Maintained documentation for all change requests and for configuration reference.

Skills Utilized: CA SiteMinder r12 sp2, Web agent r12 sp2 with option pack, Sun Java Directory server 6.2, IIS 6.0, Apache, jboss, Linux 5.5, Win server
03,08, CA SiteMinder Federated Security Services(FSS), Microsoft Baseline Analyzer 2.1.

April 2010 to August 2010

April 2010 to August 2010
(Department of Instructional & Information Technology)
Brooklyn NY. Senior SiteMinder Consultant (OPT/EAD)

•        Architect Access Managements Environment.
•        Install, Configure, Implement Policy servers, Web Agents.
•        Installed Servlet Exec for Federation using SAML 2.0 Post Profile Binding.
•        Supported vendors to achieve SSO/Federation between IDP (NYC) and SP’s.
•        Used Form Based Authentication Scheme, Metadata, Entity ID, and ACS URL to configure SAML Federation.
•        Ping federation Manager 6.1(Service Providers).
•        Developed Custom Java Scripting in Login.fcc for NYC’s Login Page.
•        Applied Option Packs, Hot Fixes 2007 for Web Agents and Servlet Exec.
•        Performance tuning, Clustering Policy Servers for High Availability.
•        Integrated Policy server with TDS 6.2(LDAP).
•        Documentation, Production Support, Knowledge Transfer.
•        Monitored audit and log files.

Skills Utilized: CA SiteMinder R12 Sp2, Ping federation 6.1,Web agent R12 Sp2, Tivoli Directory Server 6.2, Active Directory, IIS 6.0, Apache 2.x, Sun One
Web Server 6.1, Windows Server 2008, Solaris 2.8, RHEL 4/5, Microsoft VISIO, Servers (DELL, HP and Blade).
Jan 2008 to August 2009

Client: Netapp (Remote Work) (OPT/EAD)                                                        Jan 2008 to August 2009  
Sunnyvale, CA, SiteMinder & Sun One LDAP Administrator

•        Assigned as SiteMinder engineer to administer and maintain application security through Netegrity SiteMinder Single Sign On.
•        Upgraded SiteMinder from 5.5 to 6.0 SP5 and implemented SSO across multiple domains.
•        Created policies, realms, rules, responses in SiteMinder policy server to protect the applications and validate the users to work under SSO
•        Migrated the Policy Store from SunOne Directory Server 5.1 to 5.2 and configured the Replication over Failover.
•        Responsible for Performance Tuning of CA SiteMinder and provided 24 X 7 support.

Skills Utilized: Netegrity SiteMinder 5/6, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft IIS6.0, and Apache, Sun One Directory Server, and Web sphere.
June 2005 to December 2006

•        Used XML, XSLT for data transfer and transformation.
•        Used J2EE platform to develop the applications using Eclipse platform
•        Used WSAD/Eclipse development environment for building Enterprise Java Beans.
•        Responsible for writing Program Specifications and Functional Specifications.
•        Developed User Interface using HTML, JSP
•        Developed Session Beans for Internal Users and Customers.
•        Developed data validation & persistency components (Entity Beans) to export valid data to database.
•        Wrote Client side validation scripts using JavaScript.
•        Used JUnit for unit testing the application.
•        Report and monitor defects in Rational Clear Quest defect tracking tool.
•        Played a prominent role in production support and enhancements.

Skills Utilized: Tomcat 4, MySQL, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse3.1, ANT, Rational Rose.
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