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Siteminder Software Consultant


Solutions oriented Senior IT Specialist Project Lead and Architect with over 16 years’ experience providing high-quality business systems development
and staff management combined with strong e-Authentication, Security, IDM, SOA, SharePoint, project, quality assurance and program management offers
excellent oral and written communication skills, demonstrated interpersonal skills, and proven oversight expertise.  Integral member of any staff, able to
serve organizational needs in leading and directing projects, delegating and completing work in a timely manner; proven ability to foster an inclusive
workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission.

        Extensive experience analyzing enterprise-level customer needs and designing, installing, configuring and managing IT infrastructures; highly
skilled in Web Access Control technologies, including Authentication/Authorization, Multi-Factor/Advanced Authentication and Enterprise Single Sign-On
(SSO) solutions for clients
        Research, training, customer service, troubleshooting, hardware and software management expertise; technical knowledge with the ability to
analyze technical solutions to address strategic business needs
        Knowledge and abilities to align business objectives with sound operational management strategies while setting up, installing, and upgrading
state-of-the-art servers within sophisticated network environments
        Demonstrated success Implementing front-end e-business solutions while providing systems support and integrating legacy systems; proven
leadership abilities with excellent problem-solving skills at all organizational levels
        Self starter who can work individually or with a team; proven ability to analyze programs and make recommendations for improvement of
productivity and effectiveness
        Proficient in delivering thoroughly researched analyses directed toward improving online systems while establishing consistent, long-term
        In-depth knowledge and understanding of numerous software packages and operating systems; in the Process of completing PMP certification and
Microsoft Certified
        Specialties include: Security IDM - SAML WS-*, XML, Shibboleth, CA SharePoint Agent, IDM Access Control Products (CA SiteMinder, Ping Federate)
and PKI. Enterprise architecture/deployment of Web Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity Federation, SOA and other complex authentication solutions using
industry best practices in Architecture and Design


Contract - Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Identity Access Management                                   03/2013 – Present

Job Summary: Serve as a Senior Infrastructure Engineering expert for Identity Access Management and architect in technical leadership in implementing
and supporting  SiteMinder integration via web access management and Federation services for Internet facing applications for global enterprise provide support and management for Identity Management systems; design, develop, deploy, and implement Security and
Infrastructure solutions using SiteMinder 6.0, R12, R12.51, Single Sign on, Identity management,, CA  Directory, Federation, SAML, CA SharePoint Agent,  
Weblogic ASA agents, SiteMinder Proxy Install and configure SiteMinder Policy server agents on Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms.  Serves as
Subject Matter Expert in Web Access Management products in an enterprise architecture and tune accordingly to various application integration.


•        Led/Managed gathering application requirements and facilitating the integration of various large scale global enterprise applications with
•        Lead and successfully implemented large global enterprise application called EY Delivers CA SharePoint solution for enterprise-wide Access
Management using secure proxy and CA SharePoint agent 2010.
•        Leading SiteMinder integration efforts for enterprise Messaging and Collaboration deployment for large scale Global internet facing SharePoint
service. Working with Microsoft and CA on design and implementation to implement SiteMinder SAML Claims service for SharePoint with SiteMinder
SharePoint Agent 2012 using  CA AuthMinder and  CA Riskminder for device detection
•        Leading SiteMinder integration for enterprise identity management solution using Oracle Identity Manager.  Implemented SiteMinder services for
Web Access Management and Application Server agents Weblogic ASA agent for enterprise IDM solution for Global account provisioning security

Sr. Identity Management Specialist                    05/2005 – 02/2013
Job Summary: Serve as a Technical and Project Lead and provide support and management for Identity Management systems; design, develop, deploy,
and implement Security and Infrastructure solutions using SiteMinder 6.0, R12 Single Sign on, Identity management, Shibboleth, CA eTrust Directory,
Federation, SAML , WS-Federation, Sharepoint2010, Tibco Business Works, Tibco Administrator, Tibco GI builder and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

        Interpret customer needs / requests and design system architecture; coordinate with the technical team, stakeholders and end users to determine
systems specifications, working parameters for hardware/software compatibility and maintenance
        Assess and analyze program support deficiencies and make recommendations for corrective actions and improvements; administrate projects and
define project specifications, budgets, deadlines, tasks and quality assurance processes for technical staff
        Track IT developments and recommend future technologies and methodologies as they apply to existing operations and goals; ser as the Single
Sign-On (SSO), responsible for the installation/configuration/deployment of SiteMinder Policy Severs & WebAgents
        Integrate all Proxy server & SiteMinder and oversee activities related to the LDAP Directory Sever, including installation/configuration and
deployment; create documentation and manage project and system documents and paperwork
        Oversee revision control and source code control for Systems Integration Team; function as a Subject Matter Expert for the development, design,
customization, integration, implementation and troubleshooting of assigned systems
        Recommend Best Practices as they apply to security access of custom applications deployed for use by the NIH; develop LDAP schema (JDNI, LDAP
SDK, and ADSI).  to facilitate “Role Based” authorization of various applications as the Technical Lead for LDAP application development / Integration
        Train, mentor and advise subordinate technical and management staff; establish project / program objectives, define priorities, assign and
complete work individually and as a team
        Communicate verbally and in writing with management, subordinates, external vendors and end users to address system needs; develop project
budgets and schedules to meet all assigned timelines and assign resources to address time and budget demands as needed
        Evaluate emerging needs and develop strategic plans to meet those needs; participate in formal and informal meetings as a member of various
technical support and integrated technical teams
        AS SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT, NETEGRITY SITEMINDER, design and define system architecture. Work with technical team, stakeholders and end
users to determine systems specifications, working parameters for hardware/software compatibility and maintenance. Provide integration strategies.
Identify, analyze, and resolve program support deficiencies. Evaluate and recommend future technologies and methodologies that will enhance overall
Performance Integrity Monitor projects, collect project data and generate management reports; analyze project / system data and make presentation in
meetings that state progress, needs, challenges and needed modifications to project scope.
TECHNOLOGIES. Certified in SiteMinder Web Access Control, SiteMinder Federation Security Services, CA Federation Manager, CA Identity Manager and
CA Directory technologies. Specialize in Identity Federation using SAML v1.x, 2.0, WS-*, ADFS protocols (Identity Federation). System Architecture/Design
of advanced authentication systems, implementations include Federal Government PIV smartcard solutions and Advanced X509 Certificate
Authentication (2 Factor Authentication).
        Develop policies and procedures for technical staff, administrative personnel and end users to ensure the integrity of all systems; maintain strict
compliance with all federal security and IT rules, regulations, laws and policies / procedures
        Inform customers in meetings regarding project and system progress and direction; provide guidance on proper use of IT policies, standards,
hardware and / or software to users
        Provide project support through the entire project life cycle, including project initiation, requirements development, system design and
development, testing, implementation, maintenance and retirement; collaborate with internal and external parties to ensure project completion and

        SUCCESSFULLY LED 4-MEMBER TEAM IN MIGRATION OF SITEMINDER FROM R6 TO R12. In 2009, planned/designed infrastructure to meet functional
and performance requirements for CA SiteMinder production environment. Measured test results; built metrics. Configured/tuned various components
and continued testing to optimize settings. Scaled components to extend throughput. In 2012, worked closely with customers and F5 team, Hosting Team
ISSO, IRT in getting servers, new VIPs, Firewall opening at border firewall and installing and configuring new servers with newer R12 version.
responsible for design, development and implementation of Federation integration between agencies. Set up server and authenticating using WS
Federation and tokens across domains and whole of NIH. Led team to generate Assertion based Identity and inter-federation across Federal agencies
using E-authentication. (We are first of all agencies to implement this integration.)
        LED/MANAGED NUMEROUS OTHER PROJECTS: Helped HHS activity customer access SharePoint 2010 and Federation. Initiated/recommended Wily
introscope tool for Monitoring ITrust Production environment. Managed/implemented activities to authenticate CC applications by configuring
SiteMinder in production creating policies, realms, and rules; coordinated with customer in deploying them successfully. Managed/implemented
authentication activities to enable ITAS application for PIV smart card lock down. Managed activities to set up LOA2 Federation environment. Managed
activities in implementing SOA Manager. Planned/tested Oracle Identity Management with NBS by installing/configuring Oracle Identity Management.
Installed, configured and managed Soley Sun Access Manager tool used to maintain User Directory for Federation LDAP users.
        Lead all operational support programs and processes, which contributed in securing organization business needs, optimizing levels of productivity
and sustaining overall project success.
        Designed and administrated the FDA ITAS Cross agency Federation using ADFS, WS-Federation and SiteMinder; developed and implemented
agency integration, leading to NIH being the first of all federal agencies to complete this process.

Project Lead / Sr. IT Specialist        07/2000 – 05/2005

Job Summary: Managed junior and senior developers and established for them timeframes, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing projects,
staffing requirements and allotment of available resources to various phases in each project; assessed customer needs, interpreted requests and
developed project plans that detailed goals, strategy, scheduling, contingency plans, identification of risks, and team/project personnel leadership.

        Developed project technical scope, schedules for deliverables, milestones and needed work; assigned duties and tracked staff progress through
the project to completion
        Implemented internal and quality controls to ensure projects stayed on time and under budget; created standard operating procedures for staff
regarding project reporting, acquisition requirements and documentation
        Evaluated project status, modified plans and schedules based on emerging needs; utilized computer coding language to facilitate and complete
        Designed, tested and implemented new software per customer or internal needs; analyzed existing customer systems and identified needs
        Troubleshot systems, identified and corrected software defects; monitored new and emerging technologies
        Drafted technical specifications, statements of work (SOWs) and test plans, operational documentation (with technical writers) and internal policy
memoranda; coordinated with staff on projects, including project managers, graphic artists, and systems analysts
        Collaborated with colleagues on maintenance and performance issues related to existing and new software deployments and management;
developed relationships with customers, co-workers and management to facilitate the completion of all assigned systems and projects
        Prepared and executed an IT strategy that reduced administrative tasks increased productivity in first calendar year. Reviewed and monitored task
order proposals and expenditures.

        Managed several projects and delivered them on-time and under budget; identified customer needs that could be addressed through new
technologies and implemented those technologies, securing optimal customer satisfaction

Senior Programmer/Analyst        06/1998 – 07/2000

Job Summary: Designed, planned, coordinated, implemented, integrated, tested and maintained software applications and interfaces per customer
specifications; provided troubleshooting, customer support and administrative maintenance to all assigned systems to ensure optimal operational

        Led several life-cycle projects, from concept to completion providing full systems analysis, design, and life cycle development; advised and led in
the planning and implementation of feasibility studies, surveys, and technical evaluations  decisions on software strategies
        Reviewed project and systems requirements and pinpointed omissions and errors; rectified those errors utilizing problem solving skills
        Assessed customer needs and recommended strategies to address them; maintained complex and critical applications and sub-applications
        Ensured the reliability of cross-functional applications; negotiated agreement between parties experiencing conflicts regarding user needs and
requirements, security standards and standard protocols
        Trained and mentored staff; evaluated proposed designs and code and verified that they met all quality assurance processes
        Developed and delivered project and technical presentations to senior management; provided 24/7 on-call support for computer systems
        Troubleshot system and end user issues, identified and resolved them in a timely manner; implemented quality monitoring and control systems to
ensure compliance with all customer expectations

        Administrated from concept to completion several comprehensive projects including the creation of an application for IHS called Office of Tribal
Self Governance (OTSG) and Scholarships that utilized  client / server based computer systems to create relational database management (RDBMS); this
enabled access to tribes through the Internet to enter their data using DAO to track amendments, payment information and complex mathematical
formulae and calculations

        Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2013 – November 2012
        Microsoft SharePoint Conference – October 2011
        CA World  2010 -  May 2010
        Implementing and Administering Microsoft Project Server 2010 – New York – September 2010
        SharePoint Best Practices Conference – Washington DC – September 2010
        SharePoint 2010 Administrators Training – Washington DC – August 2010
        CA World Identity and Security Conference – Las Vegas – May 2010
        Microsoft Tech Ed 2009 Conference – Los Angeles convention Center – May 2009
        ID Trust 2009 Conference – NIST –Gaithersburg MD – April 2009
        PMP Certification Course – Velociteach – Washington DC -  October 2008
        Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 Conference – Orlando convention Center – May 2008
        Microsoft Tech Ed 2007 Conference – Orlando convention Center – June 2007
        Lombardi Team Works Developer Training – NIH- October 2007
        Microsoft Roadshow in Identity Management – NIH campus – October 2007
        Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the Enterprise- Learning Tree, June 2007
        Microsoft Tech Ed 2007 Conference – Orlando convention Center -June 2007
        BW611 TIBCO Business Works™ 5.x Integration Boot Camp , TIBCO Software Inc, Jan 2006

        Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), 2002
        CIT MERIT AWARD – Jan 2011 – In recognition of Operational Excellence
        GITEC CERTIFICATE OF AWARD – 2009 – In recognition of Outstanding Program Execution and material contributions on the NIH Federated Identity
        CIT DIRECTORS AWARD – Dec 2007 – In recognition of the extensive planning and testing efforts for NIH-wide systems and applications in    
preparation for the Federal Desktop Core Configuration
        CIT DIRECTORS AWARD – Dec 2007 – In recognition of implementing the Integration Services Center to Provide NIH-wide delivery of services and a
means of transitioning to Service Oriented architecture
        AWARD OF MERIT – Dec 2008 – For Exceptional contributions in integrating SharePoint authentication solutions and Federated Login to advance
collaboration among NIH, HHS other government agencies, and university colleagues worldwide.
        AWARD OF MERIT – DEC 2008 – For Outstanding Combined efforts to move NIH Login to an environment that supports Disaster Recovery, failover
and Federation to external partners

        Net Assemblies
        LANGUAGES: . NET Framework; ASP.NET; XML Web Service; . NET Remoting; Windows Services; Serviced Components; SOAP,SOAP Extensions; ASP,
ActiveX Controls; LDAP
        GUI: Oracle Forms 8; Oracle Reports 8; PL/SQL; HTML,DHTML; XHTML,CSS; Java Script; XML; XSL
        OPERATING SYSTEMS:  Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7; DOS, UNIX,LINUX, Wintel
        DATABASES: Oracle9i; Oracle 8i; MS Access; SQL Server 2005,2008; SQL Server 2000
        SOFTWARE:  MS Project 2003, 2010; MS Office 2007/2010; SharePoint 2007/2010; Seagate Crystal Reports; Actuate Reporting; Blackberry, RFI
        TOOLS: Crystal Reports; SQL*Plus; Visio; Visual Studio .NET; Visual Source Safe; CA SiteMinder; CA SharePoint Agent, CA Directory, EAI
Technologies: TIBCO; Tibco Business Works; SAML, WS-Federation; LAN, ADFS, WS-Trust,; Oracle Access Manager; Sun Access Manager; CA Identity
Manager; IBM Tivoli Access Manager; Enterprise Portal; Active Directory Services; SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
        WORKFLOW:  Staffware; Imaging technology Tower; Lombardi/BPM Workflow
        SERVERS:  IIS6.0/7.0/7.5; Windows 2000/2003/2008; UNIX, Linux
        DIRECTORY SERVERS: LDAP Directory Server; Sun ONE LDAP Directory Server; Policy servers; MS Active Directory;
CA e-trust Directory server; IDENT
        IDENTITY MANAGEMENT TOOLS: CA identity Manger r12; Sun Identity Manager; Oracle Identity Manager, Weblogic ASA agents
        PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT TOOLS: One view monitor; Tivoli Access Manager; Log Analyzer; Thread Analyzer; Introscope Wily, HP SiteScope.
        APPLICATION/WEB SERVERS: JBOSS; web sphere; Apache-Tomcat; web Logic portal
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