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Siteminder Software Consultant


Identity Management/ Governance:
Computer Associates: SiteMinder (r8,r12, r12.5), Audit r8, Identity Minder (r8, r12, 12.6), Directory (r8, r12, r12.5), Governance Minder (r12.6) Computer
Associates Role Minder;
Oracle: Oracle Identity Manager 9 and 11, Internet Directory, Virtual Directory
Novell: Novell DirXML (IDM 3), eDirectory7.3 and 8.1, Nsure, iConnect, iChain, Audit, eDirectory 8.8
Identity Federation:
Oracle Identity Federation, PingFederate, RadiantLogic
Privileged Identity Management:
Cyberark v7/v8, CA Access Control
Software and Languages:
Eclipse, Subversion/Git, WinSCP, Microsoft Office Suite, C, C++, Perl, Java, J++, VB, Cobal, Fortran, Assembler, HTML, XML, CGI interfaces, Shell Scripting,
Operating and Database Systems:
WINx, NT, Unix, Solaris, OS/2, Linux, Apache, MVS, VMS; Oracle, SQL server, DB2, Paradox, Access, Sybase, mySql

2011 - Present        
Senior IDM Consultant/Architect
○        Consulting and Architecture in the areas of Identity and Access Management (IDAM) and Governance solutions across multiple vendors including
Oracle, CA and Novell.  
○        Consulting and Architecture in the areas of Federation using Ping, CA Federation, Microsoft FIM
○        Consulting and Architecture in the areas of Privileged Identity Management using CyberArk 7/8, CA PIM
○        Working with various LDAP and X.500 Directories and NIS clients.  Integrating with various Database vendors such as Sybase, MS SQL, Oracle,
MySQL, Ping and Radiant Logic

Identity and Governance Consultant
○        Private Consulting in the areas of Identity and Access Management (IDAM), Governance Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), Identity Analytics,
and ITIL.
○        Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, and Security consulting.

2008-2009        RSA/EMC        
Solutions Developer
○        Designing and producing product offerings for the field using security suites, PKI, Federated Identity Manager, Access/Authentication Manager,
DLP and enVision.  Solutions that prepared companies for the next steps of Role-Based discovery and implementation for RBAC.  Solutions that helped
companies pass compliance audits in the various areas of standards.

2007-2008        Computer Associates                 San Francisco, CA
Security Architect
○        Responsible for design and deployment, pre-sales engagements for government, healthcare, financial and commercial customers. Primarily
Identity/Access, Governance, Directory, and Security Focused. CA's Directory, Identity Management, Access Management, SOA, Federation, Role
discovery, RBAC and Audit.

2005-2007        Novell Inc.                 San Jose, CA
Senior Architect Directory, Identity and Systems Engineering
○        Responsible for key deployments and architectures in Healthcare, Financial, local Government and Banking Industries. Products include
eDirectory, IDM3 and 2, Clinical Workstation suite, iChain (Access Manager), biometric 3rd party products, PKI, Audit and initial Role Analysis and
discovery. This included designing end to end solutions for customers. Deployment environments include Linux, Solaris and Windows.

2000-2005        Sun Microsystems/iPlanet                 Santa Clara, CA
Senior Technical Architect
○        Responsible for initial and key deployments of new products, developing classes for Professional Services. Enabling the ability of Professional
Services in understanding advanced practices capabilities and procedures of products. Working with the products at alpha or beta release stage.
○        Products include Identity Manager, Access Manager, Meta-Directory, Directory, iDAR, CMS, Delegated Admin and Directory. Working with Identity
and Access Manager integrating with different enterprise applications unique for each company.

1999-2000        Scitor                 Sunnyvale, CA
Security Architect
○        Responsible for System and Database Administration for all the systems required to manage a satellite communication system.
○        Full life cycle support on the satellites, from launch to destruct. Global architecture of NOC and LAN. Sites were designed, upgraded and
○        Database Administration Duties focused on Sybase, SQL server 11.5.1 and Oracle 8.0 instances. Additional responsibilities included ongoing
CLEARCASE support, QA, and development duties.

1997-1999        JD Edwards and Co.                 Burlingame, CA
Network Architect/System Administrator
○        Dual responsibilities as a DBA and LAN/WAN administrator for an AS/400 Application
○        Server backend provisioning an NT Client/Server LAN/WAN. Database Administration
○        Duties focused on J.D. Edwards infrastructure (H/R, Sales, etc) and One World Product Demonstration. Databases for SQL server 6.5, Oracle 8.0,
DB400, DB2. Also supplying domain administration for the Advanced Technologies Group including an NT backbone with an AS/400, HP3000, DEC Alpha.
○        Upgrading the network infrastructure to support 100baseT and 16mb token ring. Telephone and PBX services for the office and ISDN and VPN for
home office users.


Computer Consultants and  
Database Designers                  

Hayward, CA
Chief Technology Officer
○        CTO of consulting firm specializing in WEB, LAN, WAN, and Database Architecture and Design for small to medium companies. Technologies
included UNIX, NT, WINX, Novell, Paradox, Oracle 7.0, SQL Server, MS-Access, Perl, Html, Java, CGI interfaces, shell scripting, C, C++, VB

1993-1994        DPI Programmers                 San Jose, CA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
○        Performed SQA for Apple Corporation for the Newton Technology

1991-1993        IBM Corp.                 San Jose, CA
DBA/Software Engineer
○        Developed Financial Software and Databases for IBM internal applications
○        Performed Network Administrator functions.
○        Developed translation layer between HP900/DEC VAX to AIX. These included DB2, MVS assembler, JCL, CICS, TSO, VTAM/VSAM, ITAM/ISAM, C, C++,
JAVA, Unix, shell scripting.

1990        Seimans Rolm                 Santa Clara, CA
DBA/Systems programmer
○        Migrated Financial Software and Databases from ROLM Hewlett Packard Applications to IBM technology.
○        Performed system administration duties for the HP9000s and AIX system. Technologies included DB2, MVS assembler, Fortran, Cobol, JCL, CICS,
TSO, ISAM/ITAM, VSAM/VTAM, Unix, shell scripting.

1988-1990        IBM Corp.                 Santa Clara, CA
Development Manager
○        Managed a project to migrate Financial Software and Databases from ROLM Hewlett Packard Applications to IBM technology. In addition the team
performed system administration duties for the HP9000s and AIX system. Technologies included DB2, MVS assembler, Fortran, Cobol, JCL, CICS, TSO,
ISAM/ITAM, VSAM/VTAM, Unix, shell scripting

1986-1988        Intel Corp.                 Santa Clara, CA
Computer Operations Manager, Network Administrator and CAD engineer
○        IT systems for the Corporate R&D. HP 3000 and HP 9000 running CAD/CAM systems for the design of microelectronics.

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