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Technically adept UNIX Systems Engineer with broad industry experience skilled in systems architecture and support.
Extensive UNIX systems and network administration experience including system upgrades, remote support, and disaster recovery using TSM, BMR and
SYSBACK.  innovative approach to technology implementation to proactively identify and successfully spearhead comprehensive system improvements.  
Strong interpersonal communication skills facilitating team cohesion and client service.  Well-organized professional with solid writing and time
management talents.  Willing to discuss relocation and business travel.
Network Administration  /  Collaboration & Communication
Systems Implementation  /  Troubleshooting  /  Documentation
Operating Systems:        Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP) AIX; Solaris; HP-UX; LINUX (SuSE, RedHat, Debian, Gentoo)        
Certifications:        See below.                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

IBM, Fort Worth, TX     2002 – Feb. 2005
Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Company, Fort Worth, TX     2000 – 2002  (Position out-sourced to IBM in 2002)
Senior UNIX Systems Engineer
        24x7 On-Call rotation for UNIX Environment
        Developed and performed procedures for installing new SUN servers using Veritas Foundation Suite.
        Administration of 300 AIX and SUN servers
        Installed/Configured SSH on ALL AIX servers.
        Performed and documented Migration upgrades of AIX servers to AIX 5.1/5.2
        Functioned as Consultant to the TSM administrators.
        Architected Upgrade of TSM environment in Fort Worth and Topeka.
        Developed procedures to perform Dissimilar Bare Machine restores using BMR (now owned by Veritas.)
        Used procedures for Bare Metal Restore for building new machines to ensure consistency.
        Implemented Remote console solution in Topeka for remote administration.
        Developed procedure to backup and restore servers at 30 remote facilities.
        Developed and implemented procedures to restore critical systems using SYSBACK and TSM
        Wrote various PERL scripts to gather health and various other data on all UNIX servers.Key Achievements:
Managed project successfully upgrading servers from AIX 4.3.3 to AIX 5.1 and 5.2. Spearheaded introduction of company-wide Tivoli SYSBACK bare
recovery system technology.  Led implementation of SSH suite to secure UNIX server connections and replace TELNET and FTP across UNIX
environment.  Reduced impact to service level agreements by developing remote system administration consoles to minimize downtimes.
FootStar Services Network (Meldisco, Footaction, Just for Feet) , Irving, Texas     1999 – 2000
        24x7 On-call Rotation for UNIX Environment.
        Administration of 30 Unix Servers.
        Developed procedures to use tidysys to keep servers clear of outdated data.
        Developed procedures to use tripwire to alert Management and Admins of unplanned changes in the UNIX environment.
        Utilized AUTOSYS to perform automated tasks.
        Wrote PERL scripts to handle rotation of TSM archive tapes.
        Wrote PERL script to map 11TB’s of VSD storage to facilitate a complete rewire.
        Promoted to TSM administrator. (In addition to administration of the UNIX environment.

AiX Administrator / Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Administered 2 service provider complexes including remote system in New Jersey. Wrote Perl scripts
to gather information used to maintain systems.
Key Achievement:
Promoted to serve as Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) administrator while concurrently fulfilling AiX administration duties.
AIC Contracting to IBM GIS, Dallas, Texas     1996 – 1999
Systems Integration Consultant
        Worked as technical consultant between customers and buyers at IBM GIS
        Promoted to Desktop support group in the IBM GIS PC Store.
        Performed various hardware support assignments.
        Promoted to project converting and IBM product from OS/2 to AIX.
        Developed and documented procedures for building OS/2 and AIX servers for a special IBM internal project.
        Architected SP2 solution for an Internal IBM GIS project which included 3 SP complexes.  One of them with 54 SP Nodes.
        Administered AIX and OS/2 Servers.