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Tivoli Storage Manager Consultant


Thorough knowledge base while effectively plan/evaluate/implement, manage & support Enterprise level policies & procedures toward successful: Open
Systems Administration, Business Continuity Planning, Backup/Recovery/Disaster Recovery, Security Operations, & Storage Mgt. Self study maintainer
with a progressive advanced tenure.  


07/06 – Present
A Work from home solution; TSM Deployment Analyst/Administrator.  
•        Analyze, implement, administer, and maintain multiple TSM client/server relationships of various TSM versions and OS platform types.  Client
environments include but not limited to AIX & Windows TSM servers, IBM tape libraries, Lan-free and Data Protection Agents for all database types.  
•        Depending on account, mentor platform system administrators in the operations of TSM in support of client backup, archive and restoration
•        Exercise Client based Disaster Recovery schemas, make improvements based on DR results.  
•        Projects include: Policy Redefinitions, TSM Upgrades from earlier unsupported versions to current supported levels.
Analyzed environment via On-site survey; Implemented change to existing environment, transitioned environment to local administrator.  Continue to
remotely mentoring on a as needed basis.
TSM Administrator
TSM Administrator – Remotely Support Multiple IBM client base TSM administration

Resource Management Specialist                                        11/05 – 4/07

Principal - Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) the client’s primary backup/recovery solution.
•        Provided multi-tier level support of US/Mexico/Canadian remote locations. Manage Off-site TSM resources allowing for cross-state data transfer
between sites; Supporting new Datacenter and new business initiatives.
•        Exercised reconstructed DR policies and procedures at Sungard.  DR results outlined recommendations on standardizing a “hired” recovery
solution.  Procedures to recovery in a 12 hour or less meantime for recovery.
•        Researched & analyzed TSM add-on products such as Data  Protection Agents, Oracle (10G via ASM Mgt), SAP, SQL, Exchange & EMC Disk
Management options.
•        Regularly reported on backup requirements to include capacity planning/resource utilization and security issues are ITIL goals are met and keep up
to date.

4/04 – 11/05        
Technical Analyst; Systems Dept/Enterprise Storage Component
•        Participated remotely in Disaster Recovery exercises and internal audits to successfully insure State Farms assets can be recovered in a 72hr
meantime for recovery.
•        Provided 3rd level support of TSM, State Farm's primary backup/recovery solution supporting one of the largest Enterprise level environments.
Services include but not limited to analysis, configuration, performance tune & testing of latest TSM versions in an IBM & STK Library Sharing
environment. Support of TSM add-on products such as Data Protection Agents; HSM, and LanFree products used in production & development.
•        Principal for CARS (Central ADSM Reporting System) for capacity planning, disk & tape management, client/server monitoring and reporting.

6/03 – 12/03
Sr. Information Systems/Security Analyst, Contractor
Provide technical support for the BCPSS infrastructure.
•        Authored, audited and implemented IT security policies for the entire BCPSS infrastructure; Installed, configured and executed security packages
providing a secure environment to include all schools in the Baltimore city area.
•        Designed and exercised a new Business Resumption Plan (BRP), backup/recovery scheme to include Disaster Recovery supported by Educational
legal retention schedules assisted by the following products; Netbackup Datacenter and AmeriVault Electronic Vaulting.
•        Authored and Managed BCPSS Solaris/Oracle based Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

03/02 – 5/03
Sr. Operations Systems Engineer
A multi-billion financial institution throughout continental US
•        Managed and administered all aspects of UNIX Operations supporting an Oracle environment with custom written applications for financial business
transactions. Responsible for on-going implementation, administration and management of supported applications, new projects released by
development team, forecasted business growth, capacity planning, change and control and security measures.
•        Redesigned a 100% successful, and comprehensive BCP plan utilizing SAN, DLT tape library methodology and Veritas Netbackup software.
•        Using the above BCP plan, a cross-platform/cross country recovery scheme “HOT” DR site was introduced. This cross-country “HUB” provided a
stable, secure, means for this banking facility to save millions of dollars in downtime losses and efficient production environment with minimal or no
•        Received a successful corporate security audit result establishing new UNIX security policies; manage and administer security management tools,
Automating ESM to meet production and security schedules.

11/01 – 03/02
Solaris Administrator/Manager, Contractor
As MSA Project (Web Doctor) contracted administrator;
•        Purchased, assembled, integrated, documented and managed servers in support of Medical Saving Account (MSA) Demo Task project.
•        Assisted the development project lead in the debugging, testing and implementing WebMd code written in Perl and C++.
•        Participated in each phase to insure compliance of highlighted tasks meet project plan timelines and its potential insertion into production status.
• Servers met development and operational readiness status in respect to system accounts, database and remote access, security, and backup/recovery
routine and disaster recovery options.

03/00 – 11/01
Sr. UNIX Administrator
A Moore Company, a systems integrator of automatic identification and data collection equipment.   As Lead UNIX Administrator,
•        Managed all aspects of Peak’s servers supporting E-Commerce applications & development, wireless connectivity and network paging/faxing
technologies. Actively contributed E-commerce initiatives platform hardware/software procurement; system & software configuration management;
system performance tuning and network security issues.
•        Architect and managed policy & procedures for the following successful programs: Business Continuity Planning (local and contracted Hot Sites);
Standards for development; change and control; scheduled maintenance; capacity planning for mult-year forecasting and support of UNIX resources.
Implemented a Cross-functional (UNIX/NT) support infrastructure with optimum efficiency and minimal downtime.
•        Supervised and mentored Help Desk personnel acting as Jr. UNIX Administrators managing current backup/recovery scheme.
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