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Tivoli Storage Manager Consultant

September, 2006 to Present        

1. TSM Architect
2. Backup Architect

As the TSM Architect, my main responsibility was to facilitate the transition of hundreds of servers from Veritas NetBackup (NBU) to Tivoli Storage
Manager (TSM).
-        Applications included:
o        Oracle/RMAN
o        SAP
o        Informix
o        DB2
o        SQL Server
-        Platforms included:
o        HP
o        SUN
o        Windows
o        IBM platforms (AIX and AS400).
-        In many cases, the new implementation helped to relieve poor performance and/or reliability.

Halfway through the engagement, Disney decided to drop the migration to TSM and expand and upgrade their Veritas Enterprise.
-        I was added to the NBU Team as the Backup Architect to enhance and augment the proposed NBU environment and to retrofit any TSM-based
-        I was assigned a primary role in the upgrade and implementation of a new consolidated Enterprise-wide Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) server.

2001 – 2006   

1. Product Manager for Tivoli Storage Manager
2. Senior Manager – IT Business Servers
3. Lead Enterprise Architect

As Product Manger for TSM, I was responsible for the design and formulation of:

-        Management Classes and Policy domains
-        Backup scheduling, monitoring and balancing
-        Creation of monitoring scripts (pre-V5.3) and capacity planning
-        Generic client option files for Windows and AIX systems
-        Disk and copy pools
-        DRM and offsite storage requirements
-        TDP’s for SQL, Informix, Exchange, and Oracle
-        Problem solutions for “out of support” backups (e.g. old, unsupported Compaq and Tibco AIX 4.3.3 servers).
-        TSM for Laptops pilot
-        Systematic, regular restoration validation
-        Migration and reclamation policies
-        Standards
-        System documentation
-        On-going migration strategies

As an Enterprise Architect, my main responsibility was to:

-        research the requirements of a new project
-        ascertain what platforms were required to meet the requirements
-        create a Requirements document
-        create Architectural Blueprints which described how the overall functional objectives of the project would be attained
-        create detailed Server Architecture documents which described how each server would be configured in terms of internal, SAN, network, and
database components.

As the lead Enterprise Architect, I led two other Enterprise Architects in diverse tasks and provided administrative assistance to the Director of
Architecture, especially in the creation of reports and other management documentation. In addition, on several projects, I assumed Project Management
responsibility. I also was a Primary Assessor for S-Ox Control Objectives 010xxx, 040xxx, and 060xxx.

Examples of projects:

1.        TSM Migration: led the effort to upgrade TSM from V5.1 to V5.2/5.3. In some cases, operating systems were upgraded in the process. Over 90
servers were upgraded with practically no disruption to daily backups
2.        Exchange Migration: In charge of the construction of an upgraded Exchange 2003 environment and the migration of approximately 18,000
Exchange Mailboxes to the new environment.
3.        SSO workflow: This project involved the automation of a manual process to digitize and store work orders for the installation of Security Systems.
The Architecture consisted of Quillix servers (Windows 2003), Websphere servers (AIX), MQ servers for EAI (AIX), Oracle Workflow servers (AIX) and DB2,
SQL Server, and Oracle Database servers required by diverse products. Also utilized was a NAS Gateway to provide a way of sharing the scanned work
orders (located in Shark SAN storage) among several AIX servers. Three environments (Development, Test, and Production) were built as per our
Architectural Standards.
4.        Veritas Backup Administration: When the backup/restore/DR structure for the new Tyco Data Center proved to be inadequate, my TMS backup team
was given the responsibility to create a viable solution, using Veritas.
5.        Sorbanes-Oxley Primary Assessment: I served as the primary Assessor for the IT department in the following areas: System Administration (Control
Objectives 010-nnn), Database Administration (Control Objectives 040-nnn), and System Software (Control Objectives 050-nnn) during the 2004 and 2005
SO-X audits.
6.         Lease Replacement: This project involved the replacement of over 70 IBM leased servers. The goal of the project was to replace older IBM
equipment with newer Power5+ equipment, with a minimum of disruption to the users and at a cost savings to the company. The project took 6 months
and achieved the stated objectives.
7.        MQ Series EAI project: This project was to create the basic EAI infrastructure to replace Tibco as the guaranteed messaging vehicle. The
enterprise went from about 50 small AIX machines (primarily B50's and B80's) onto 5 logical partitions (1 Dev, 2 Test and 2 Production) on IBM p650
platforms. The work was completed on time.
8.        CCA project: Acted as the “resident Compaq expert”, providing the Enterprise Architecture Team with in-depth knowledge of Digital/Compaq
products and processes required by the application. Designed and facilitated the incorporation of a Compaq SAN including 2 GS160’s and storage silos in
the Jacksonville Data Center. Was able to find and utilize a third party HBA so that AIX servers could allocate the storage within the Compaq SAN as well.

1987 - 2001   
Project Leader/Principal Software Engineer

1. Custom Systems Storage Group                 1991 – 2001
- Directed efforts to qualify the Compaq ESL9198 LVD tape device via the new KZPCA-AA LVD Ultra SCSI controller. Testing was performed to qualify this
storage configuration on a Compaq GS 160 (8-way) cluster running OpenVMS 7.2-1H1.
- Directed efforts to qualify the STK 9194 fiber channel tape device on TruCluster UNIX V5.0a and V5.1. The qualification included the use of Veritas. On V5.
1, clusters contained the new Compaq GS 160 8-way system.
- Directed effort to pre-qualify storage (disk and tape) equipment for the new Compaq ML 770 32-way Windows 2K system, including Fiber Channel and
UltraSCSI controllers, Veritas and Legato software.
- Directed effort for the qualification of a 3rd party UltraSCSI controller for VAX.
- Directed effort to create a driver and software for Digital brand 9-track and 3480/3490 tape devices to run on Windows NT (Alpha and Intel based)  
- Managed the integration, testing and migration of diverse storage devices (principally tapes) on OpenVMS systems (VAX and Alpha) as well as TRU64
- Directed effort to upgrade/monitor Y2K compliance for an older VAX application.
- Modified SCSI class and port drivers for customized VMS applications/systems.
2. CSS Network Support Group        1990 - 1991
- Primary Support Engineer for the US for an X.25 bridge product developed by Digital France.
3. CLT group        1989 - 1990
- Rewrote the VMS Code Management System utility (CMS) from Bliss into C for the COHESION CASE tool for both VMS and MIPS platforms
4. CSS Network Support Group         1987-1989
- Sustaining Engineer for several UNIBUS-based communication devices.

Current Skills:

-        Excellent understanding of TSM and Enterprise backup design
-        Excellent understanding of the principles and methodologies of Enterprise Architecture and how it can be utilized to manage the Enterprise so it
becomes responsive, flexible and cost-effective.
-        Excellent capacities to problem solve and create alternative solutions.
-        Excellent “people skills” and team building.
-        Excellent verbal and written skills
-        Excellent Project Management skills
-        Good UNIX script writing abilities
-        Good Database queries, stored procedures (Oracle) abilities
-        Good Web page creation (Apache/Oracle) skills
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