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Tivoli Identity Manager Consultant


A consultant with 18 years experience in coding, operating systems, network, systems and security management.  Has a strong background in Tivoli
Identity Manager, Tivoli Access Manager, Tivoli Directory Server, Tivoli Directory Integrator, LDAP, and WebSEAL. Engagements are predominantly a
mixture of management infrastructure design, hands-on customisation and scripting, technical project management, and skills transfer.

Security Management

Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Access Manager, Tivoli Directory Server, Tivoli Directory Integrator
LDAP, WebSEAL, WebSphere AS,

Systems Management:

Tivoli Event Console, Framework, Monitoring, Software Distribution, Inventory and Remote Control, Netcool, HP IT/Operations, HP
PerfView/MeasureWare, NetIQ

Network Management:

IBM NetView, HP OpenView, SunNet Manager, Optivity (Bay Networks), CiscoWorks, Netscout Manager (Frontier),TRENDsnmp+(Desktalk), Distributed
Sniffer (Network General)

Position: Consultant/Security Management Engineer                        (05/2007 – present)

*        Lead business requirements, gather and translate those into system requirements.
*        Design guidance on TIM/TAM configuration with high availability, cluster, load balancing, etc.
*        Implement and supports the End-clients Identity and Access Management environments.
*        Install, configure and troubleshoot TIM and TAM software.
*        Customize TIM and TAM by using JavaScript and Java programming.

(06/2005 – 5/2007)                               
Position: Consultant/Enterprise Management Architect

*        Managed the transition from a point management to a centralized management including system
  and user management.
*        Researched, developed, implemented custom solutions and automating operational procedures.
*        Participated in directory design, domain design, and schema definition.
*        Facilitated business process design as it relates to managing identities and access privileges.
*        Provided detailed project scope, architecture and design of security solutions that satisfy the client’s business needs and deliver the project within
time and cost constraints.

(12/2003 – 06/2005)
Position: Consultant/Security Management Engineer        

*        Created and maintained Project Plans and Architecture Documentation.
*        Created technical concept to integrate all functions of TIM with the enterprise
Infrastructure (authoritative source: Oracle RDBMS, LDAP, Exchange, Domino…).
*        Implemented Management Architecture to support NYCServ infrastructure in managing security, network, systems, software distribution and
*        Developed numerous custom monitors and automation scripts for NYCServ infrastructure.
*         Designed and debugged web-based security applications.
*        Coordinated LDAP activities by working with Enterprise Architecture team and Application Area.

(10/2001 - 12/2003)
Position: Consultant/Enterprise Management  Architect    

*        Proposed and prototype Network/Firewall/Telecom and Web content/traffic Management Solutions to upper management.
*        Implemented the proposed management solutions and emerged into Tivoli Enterprise Management Infrastructure by using NetView, Tivoli
Monitoring, Tivoli Enterprise Console, and Perl/Shell scripts.
*        Implemented a Corporate Wide CTI (* Computer Telephony Interface) Management Solutions by using Tivoli.
*        Designed and implemented NetView and TEC event correlation rules for enterprise Network, Telecom, and SNMP supported applications events.
*        Implemented Operational Automation activities by using Tivoli Framework's TLL and Perl/Shell scripts to improve efficiencies in operations

(11/2000 - 9/2001)
Position: Consultant/Enterprise Management Architect

*        Managed a Global ESM Engineering team responsible for all aspects of design
  and development.
*        Created Project Plans and assigned resource to the projects or sub-projects.
*        Developed, tested and proposed technical solutions to IT and Business Managers.
*        Created test/migration/rollout plans, detail procedures and assigned resource on action items.
*        Developed automated solutions to assist Production Support and Operation groups for daily support tasks.

Position: Consultant/Enterprise Management

*        Managed a Tivoli Implementation Team and Tivoli Professional Service consultants to design and implement a Tivoli Management Infrastructure
including 80+ Tivoli servers/gateways/repeaters in distributed networks.
*        Coordinated with Business and IT managers to gather management requirements, created project plans, defined and allocated resource.
*        Provided technical advices and solutions for DNS, network, and systems infrastructure to Guardian.
*        Integrated Tivoli with Netview, ADSM, Maestro, ServiceDesk, Netfinity Director, BMC Patrol, Notes for Domino, Candle AF/Operators, MQSeries, and
AntiVirus, etc.
*        Designed and implemented fault correlation rules for all events from networks, distributed systems, mainframe, database and applications.

Position: Lead Systems/Enterprise Management Architect

Designed Enterprise Management Service  Architecture to provide trading floors, Instinet's and Reuters'
customers with an integrated and automatic management solution and participated in the team of
Reuters' worldwide management systems design.
*          Gathered systems and applications management requirements, researched,
 analyzed and proposed technical solutions.
*        Designed and developed distributed management systems to manage UNIX, Window NT, Web servers, Firewall, Lotus Notes servers and various
trading applications across WAN and LAN using HP OpenView and Tivoli.
*        Designed and implemented a legacy system management framework by using Netcool.
*          Supported Network Management System engineers in the area of troubleshooting, system configuration and integration for HP Node Manager,
CiscoWorks2000, CWSI and Netscout Manager.
*        Integrated both Systems and Network management applications to form Enterprise Management Systems.

Position: Network Management Architect

Designed network/systems management architecture to provide trading floors, Capital Markets, Corporate and 500 branches with an integrated and
automatic management solution.
*        Developed the specifications for management systems requirements and goals.
*        Set up, installed, and configured UNIX machines for the network management systems.
*        Installed, integrated and configured network management software such as HP OpenView Node Manager, SunNet Manager, Cooperate Console,
IBM NetView for AIX, Optivity for Bay Networks hubs, CiscoWorks, Vlan Director and Traffic Director for Cisco routers Netscout Manager for RMON
probes, TRENDsnmp+ for baseline & historical-analysis, and Netcool/OminiBus for integrating multi-vendor, multi-platform environments to implement a
centralized systems and network management center.
*        Implemented various functions to automate systems and network management such as Paging Script.
Position: Project Leader

*        Designed and implemented a network management system by using SunNet  Manager and Stratus utilities.

Position: System Analyst

*        Developed in C for market data line readers, which read data feeds from various exchanges and information vendors such as CTS, CQS, NMTS,
NASD, OPRA, ABS, CCDF and PR Newswire.

HARDWARE        SUN, IBM R/6000, HP, STRATUS, IBM/370,IBM/4341, PC                                                
SOFTWARE                Solaris, SunOS, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, VOS, VM/CMS, VMS,
                        Sybase, Oracle, MSSQL, NIS, NFS, DNS, Firewall

LANGUAGES        Perl, SHELL, Bat, JavaScript, Java, C, ASSEMBLY, PASCAL


REFERENCES        Furnished upon request.
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