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Tivoli Identity Manager Consultant

Technical Areas:

Fifteen years experience. Tivoli Consultant / Architect with a strong background in Identity Management, Tivoli Identity Manager (4 years), IBM Directory
Server, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, Active Directory / Active directory adapter, IBM Directory Integrator,  Lotus
Domino, Oracle,  and MS Windows infrastructures. IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6.


•        Bachelor of Science Degree - Management Information Systems, 1991

Certifications and Training
•        ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, January 2007
•        IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6, June 2006
•        IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Tivoli Identity Manager 4.5, August 2005

Professional and Technical Skill Summary
          A Project Manager with experience managing large highly visible technology transition/integration projects.
        An IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Architect with experience designing and implementing identity management solutions for large organizations.
        A Senior Microsoft infrastructure architect with extensive experience in designing and implementing Active Directory and Exchange environments
for medium/large organizations.
        Extensive experience with migrating several different messaging platforms to Exchange, including GroupWise 5.x, Domino R4/R5, cc:Mail,
Microsoft Mail, and EMC2/TAO.
        Development experience using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript, JavaScript and PERL.
        Possess project management experience, having been responsible for budgets, project plans, and ensuring project success and customer
        Highly dedicated and motivated individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  Network Operating Systems:
        Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory
        Windows NT 3.51/4.0
        Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x
        IBM OS/2 LAN Server
Operating Systems:
        DOS, Windows 3.x, 95/98, NT 3.51/4.0, Windows 2000/XP
        Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
Networking Equipment:
        Cisco Catalyst & Cisco Access Servers
        Bay Networks
        Various Switches/Hubs
        TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Net BIOS, NetBEUI, PPP, SMTP, Token Ring and Ethernet
        Antigen for Exchange
        Scan Mail for Exchange
        MailFrontier        Server Products:
        Messaging Platforms: Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2000/2003, Microsoft Mail, Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Domino R4/R5, and GroupWise 5.x.
        IBM Directory Server
        IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
        IBM Tivoli Access Manager
        IBM Web Sphere Application Server
        IBM Directory Server
        Microsoft SQL Server
        Various Enterprise Backup Solutions
Office Tools:
        Microsoft Office
        Microsoft Projects
        Microsoft Visio
        IBM Directory Integrator
        Visual Basic 6.0 and VBScript
        JavaScript
        Perl

Professional Experience:

Contact Assignment, Dallas, Texas
August 1 - Present

•        Architect for the implementation of a Tivoli Identity Manager solution for a IDEARC Media to manage 9,000+ identities and an Active
Directory/Exchange environment.
•        Performed the installation of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager and related components which included IBM Directory Server, WebSphere Application
Server, IBM Directory Integrator,  and Active Directory Adapter on a Windows 2003 Server Clustered environment.
•        Developed custom workflow to meet the customer’s identity management business rules and requirements.
•        Configured the Active Directory Adapter to use a  “postexec” process to initiate a VBScript to custom manage Home Directories.
•        Wrote a detailed test plan for user acceptance testing of the identity management solution.

Managing Consultant        February 1999 – 7/2007
        Primarily serve as a Managing Consultant responsible for filling both project management and technical architectural roles on Identity
Management and MS Infrastructure client projects.
        Internal responsibilities also include contributing to business plans and go-to-market strategies, assist in developing product and service
offerings, participate in sales and account management activities, participate in personnel technical interviews, contribute in professional and technical
development programs, coach/mentor staff consultants, contribute to staff performance reviews.
        Responsible for providing technical sales support by participating in presentations to potential clients and leading preliminary design sessions.
        Assist in all phases of generating client proposals from determining project cost estimates to providing technical content and composing the
        Responsible for providing clients at all stages and levels of support during a project’s life cycle to include: establishing business requirements
and justifications, developing technical designs, and creating detailed project plans.
        Serve as a Project Manager on several client projects to manage technical resources, budgets, timelines, and communication plans.
        Serve as an IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Architect to design, plan, and deliver identity management solutions to large corporations.
        Serve as a senior level Microsoft Architect with a focus on large Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure designs and implementations.
        Project Highlights:
o        Project Manager and Architect on identity management project for a manufacture of jams and jellies.  Designed and implemented an IBM Tivoli
based identity management solution to include Tivoli Identity Manager and custom Tivoli Directory Integrator agents. The project involved establishing
integration points with Active Directory, Lotus Domino, Oracle HR, and a SQL-based access control system.
o        Architect for the implementation of a Tivoli Identity Manager solution for a small hospital. Performed the installation of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
and related components which included IBM Directory Integrator connector development, project documentation and technical and executive
presentation. The project goal was to stand up Identity Manager and establish integration points with Active Directory.
o        Project Manager and Lead Exchange architect for a 16,000+ GroupWise 5.5 to Exchange 2003 migration for the largest health care provider in
Cleveland, Ohio.  Responsible for the overall architecture, coexistence and migration between NDS, GroupWise, Active Directory and Exchange 2003.  
o        Lead Active Directory/Exchange 2000 Architect for a large complex migration project for an Akron-based trucking company that included a Windows
NT4 Domain migration to Active Directory, an EMC2/TAO (Mainframe-based email system) and Exchange 5.5 migration to Exchange 2000, a Citrix
Metaframe 1.8 to XP migration, and a deployment of a “managed desktop environment” using Active Directory Group Policies.  In addition to developing a
full Active Directory and Exchange 2000 design and coexistence/migration strategy, the project included a detailed minimum-security baseline for the
environment.  The migration strategy included the use of both Microsoft Active Directory Migration Tools (ADMT) and BindView’s bv-Admin suite.
o        Served as an Exchange migration architect for a Cleveland-based consulting firm to assist in engineering a “big bang” migration approach from
Lotus Domino to Exchange 2000. Responsible for developing a detailed migration approach.  In addition, developed a custom application using MS Visual
Basic 6.0, ADO, and ADSI to automate the delegation of Mailboxes and the assignment of Public Folder permissions.

Senior Network Analyst        May 1998 – January 1999
        Lead Network Analyst responsible for the administration and maintenance of the enterprise network infrastructure and data center in support of
its Novell NetWare and SAP environment.  
        Responsible for technology planning and design for ruture and current IS needs.
        Worked with local and long-distance carriers to negotiate and manage the installation of data circuits for a private network.
        Successfully designed and implemented a Remote Dial-in System using Cisco’s AS5200 Access Server.
        Responsible for replacing SNADS Internet Mail gateway with an MS Exchange Server.
        Project manager for several highly visible network initiatives to include a migration from MS Mail to Exchange and an implementation of Internet

Senior Network Analyst         July 1994 – May 1998
        Supervisor and technical lead of the LAN/Desktop team.
        Managed a 1000+ node, multi-protocol, multi-NOS, multi-platform network to include both Netware 4.x servers and Windows NT 3.51/4.0 servers.
        Managed the network's tape backup systems, network security, and network printers.
        Responsible for the management of the network infrastructure including the administration and maintenance of the Synoptic 5000 Hubs, gateways
and wiring closets for the multiple sites.
        Technical Project Manager for the organization’s network initiative to consolidate and re-structure the two separate Netware 4.11 NDS
        Technical lead responsible for the design and implement of a Windows NT Domain for the organization.
        Served on a project team to assist in the implementation of SAP R/3, specifically in Basis Administration and network support.
        Recipient of the “Finance Hero” Award, which recognizes outstanding employees within the Finance Organization.
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