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Tivoli Identity Manager Consultant


        Twelve years of experience in design, architecting, developing and testing software applications in various computing environments. Strong Java
background, implemented various J2EE (Websphere/Weblogic/Geronimo) based projects in IdM technologies. Excellent written and communication skills.
        Good experience working with Financial, Health Care, Services base industries, Government and Pharmaceutical clients.  Business experience in
Global Risk, Property and Casualty Insurance, Health Care System, Banking, Employee Stock Options, Fixed Income, Loans, Term Deposit and
manufacturing industries. Very good experience with Identity Management Products.
        Strong Java background. Working experience of Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Tivoli Identity Management (TIM), Tivoli Federated Identity
Management (TFIM), Tivoli Provisioning, WebSEAL/plug-in, eTrust SiteMinder Policy Server/Web Agent/Option Pack, eTrust Websphere TAI agent, RSA
ClearTrust, RSA Web Agent, Ping Federation Service, Tivoli Directory server, Tivoli Directory Integrator, Sun Java System Directory Server, CA eTrust
Directory Server and Novell eDir LDAP.
        Federated Identity Management implementation using SAML1.0, SAML1.1, SAML2.0, Liberty Alliance and WS-Federation profiles. Browser
(Artifact/POST) and Document based federation implementation.
        Desired Job Title: Identity Management Solution Provider.

IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager V6.1
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6 Implementation
IBM Tivoli Identity Manager v4.6
RSA ClearTrust 5.5 – Certified Systems Engineer (CSP ID # 211843469)
Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Technical Skills
Identity Management Tools        Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Tivoli Identity Management (TIM), Tivoli WebSEAL/plug-in, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
v6.1 (TFIM), Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI), eTrust SiteMinder v6.0 SP4, eTrust Federation Service, eTrust SiteMinder Web agent, eTrust IdentityMinder,
eTrust SSO, eTrust Siteminder TPSI plugin, RSA ClearTrust 5.5, RSA Web Agent 4.6, Ping Federation Identity, SiteMinder WebSphere TAI plug-in, SAML,
Liberty Alliance
Identity Management API        SiteMinder SDK, RSA ClearTrust SDK (Runtime API, Admin API) Netscape Directory SDK 4.0, TAM ADK, WebSEAL ADK, TAM .
Languages        Java, C#, C++, Perl, COBOL, FORTRAN
Web Technologies        J2EE, Swing, MQSI, ASP, Javascript, HTML, XML, XML Schema, XML DTD, XML Relax NG, XSL, Xpresso Chart, JMeter, JProbe, JMS,
Websphere MQ, WML
Java API’s        Struts, Ant, Log4J, REgex, ORO, Xerces, Xalan, Crimson, JConnect, JT400 (IBM Toolbox), XSLT, JCE, JUnit, backport-util-concurrent
JSP TagLib        Struts-layout, JSP EL
Object Oriented        UML, OOPS, OOD, Rational Rose, TogetherSoft, ObjectDomain, Eclipse Omondo plugin
Database Tools        ERWin, S-Designer, TOAD, Case Studio 2
BPM        MQ Workflow 3.4, Holosofix, Blaze Advisor, WorkPoint
SDLC        SAD, RUP, XP
Application Server        Websphere, Weblogic, Websphere Business Integrator, Tomcat
HTTP Server        IBM HTTP Server, IIS, iPlanet Fastrack, Apache,
LDAP        Sun Java System Directory Server, Novell eDirectory, Tivoli Directory Server (TDS), CA eTrust Directory Server 8.1
LDAP Tool        Softerra, LDAP Explorer, LDAP Browser
Databases        Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server
Web Services        Apache Axis 1.2, JAXP, JAXB, SAAJ, JAXR, JAX-RPC, Java WSDP 1.4, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, XML Spy
Reporting Tool        Actuate 4.0, Crystal Report 8.0, Power Builder Data windows
Version Control        PVCS, WinCVS, Visual Source Safe, ClearCase
Operating System        Windows XP/2000/NT, Solaris, AIX, VAX, Linux
IDE        WSAD, Eclipse, Visual Slick Edit, PowerBuilder, VisualBasic
Java Decompiler        DJ, Jad, Mocha
Code Improvement Tools        Eclipse Checkstyle plugin, PMD, JTest, BoundsChecker


Tivoli Consultant,         Feb 2007 – Till Date
Job Responsibility:        
•        Supporting present Tivoli infrastructure.
•        Working on system stabilizing related issues of Tivoli infrastructure.
•        Developing TDI assembly lines for various different tasks.
•        Install, migrate and tune directory server.
•        Participate in design and analysis of day to day production related issues.
•        Developed TDI assemblyline to update various downstream applications. Yantra (supply chain software) integration using customized TDI
•        Working on day to day issues related to user identities.
Technology Used:        
TIM 4.6, TDI 6.x, TDS 5.2/6.0, DB2, AIX, WAS 5.x

Federated Identity SME        Nov 2006 – Feb 2007
Job Responsibility:        
•        Installation and configuration of TFIM, TAM, WebSEAL, WAS and TDI in various environments.
•        Configured FSSO using SAML1.0/SAML1.1/SAML2.0/WS-Fed profiles. Good knowledge of various FSSO profiles.
•        Configuration of WAS security to enable third party JAAS authentication and TAI plug-in.
•        Configuration and protecting web services using WSSM component of TFIM.
•        Developed and implemented WS-Provisioning assembly line for both client and server. Configure DSML handler to accept provisioning feeds from
•        Participated in initial meetings of Datapower integration with TFIM.
•        Mentoring Alltel resources in TFIM.
Technology Used:        
TFIM 6.1.1, TAM 6.x, TIM 4.6, TDI 6.0, TDS 6.x,  WebSEAL, Solaris, Linux, WAS 6.1,

Tivoli Consultant,         July – Nov 2006
Job Responsibility:        
•        Support and Migration of data center (Security Components).
•        Participated in day to day support activity of TAM, WebSEAL and Java Directory Server.
•        Developed cleanup utility to sync up user identities in database and directory server.
•        Troubleshooting and Bug fixes for various ongoing production issues.
•        Helping and mentoring various lines of business for security technologies.
•        Product evaluation and selection. Evaluated Tivoli and Computer Associates products.
•        Architecting and implementing vendor and language independent security solution using web services. Developed TIM and TAM based
webservices using Java APIs.
•        Implemented dynamic role based user provisioning in TIM.
•        Implemented delegated administration and Orgunit provisioning in TIM.
•        SSO with various cross domain application. Integration experience with IBM portal and DB2 Content management. Helped out Line of business in
developing and implementing WAS 6.0 and WPS 5.x J2EE/portlet based application.
•        TIM implementation based on business requirements. TAM API enabled web service development and securing web services using DataPower.
•        Working experience with TAM .Net APIs.
•        Working as liaison between implementation and business teams to fill up communication gaps.
•        Developing customized security component using product APIs.
•        Developing TDI assembly lines for integrating with third party systems.
Technology Used:        
TAM, TIM, TDI, Java Directory Server, Oracle, WebSEAL, Solaris, Windows 2003, WAS 5.x, Shell scripting
SME        June 06 – Till Date
Job Responsibility:        
•        Worked with CA and Pulse Learning as Subject Matter Expert in developing CA training course (31SCD353).
•        Installation and Configuring of SiteMinder components to setup SAML1.0, SAML1.1 and SAML2.0 profiles.
•        Installation and Configuration of eTrust Directory server for policy and user store.
•        Involved in instruction reviews and pilot programs.
•        Creating VMWare images for training class.
•        Creating documentation for interactive demonstration and skill building exercises.
•        Troubleshooting and problem investigation for federation related problems. Work with SiteMinder support engineer to resolve product specific
configuration issues.
•        Installation and Configurtion of New Atlanta ServletExec 5.0 for IIS 6.0.
•        Development & Deployment of customized sample application to demonstrate federation setup between IdP and SP machines.
•        Configured MS SQL Server as Session Store for federation.
•        Installation and Configuration of Open SSL to create keys.
•        Build a Test Lab for Fugen Solution with Tivoli components (TDS, TAM, WAS, WebSEAL and TFIM). SAML1.0/SAML1.1/SAML2.0 browser based
federated identity implementation.
•        Configuration of Federations/Federation partners/domains objects.
Technology Used:        
eTrust SiteMinder v6.0 SP4 (Policy Server, Web Agents, Option pack), MS SQL Server, Open SSL, JDK 1.4.2, IIS 6.0, IIS ServletExec 5.0, SunOne 5.2, eTrust
Directory Server 8.1, VMWare, Windows 2003, WAS 5.x/6.x, TAM, TFIM, WebSEAL
Tivoli Consultant,         June – July 2006
Job Responsibility:        
•        Architecture/design document and implemented POC for SSO between TAM, WAS and Domino server using TAI/LTPA.
•        Recommended changes to existing TAM API implementation. Also developed POC to convert EJB based API implementation to WS based
•        Detailed documentation of configuration and best practices for proposed solutions. Documented various approaches for SSO implementation with
pros and cons.
•        Mentor team members to understand concepts and implementation details of SSO. Bring them up to speed to implement POC solution in various
integration environments.
•        Provided recommendation to WAS admin for WAS and TAM integration to secure WAS console. Generate LTPAToken key to create LTPA enabled
junctions between Domino and WebSEAL.
•        Onsite project coordination and interaction with various admin teams to resolve ongoing implementation problems.
•        Developing TDI assembly lines for user analysis and data migration.
Technology Used:        
TAM, TDI, TDS, Java Directory Server, DB2, WebSEAL, AIX, Solaris, RAD 6.0, WS-Security 1.0, WAS 5.x/6.x, WPS 5.x
Principle Security Architect        Dec 2005 – May 2006
Job Responsibility:        
•        Helping and mentoring various lines of business for security technologies.
•        Architecting and implementing vendor and language independent security solution using web services. Developed TIM and TAM based
webservices using Java APIs.
•        Implemented dynamic role based user provisioning in TIM.
•        Implemented delegated administration and Company provisioning in TIM.
•        Securing internal web services using WS-Security and external using Federated identity. Working experience of WS-Security.
•        SSO with various cross domain application. Integration experience with IBM portal and DB2 Content management. Helped out Line of business in
developing and implementing WAS 6.0 and WPS 5.x J2EE/portlet based application.
•        TIM implementation based on business requirements. TAM API enabled web service development and securing web services using DataPower.
•        Build a Test Lab with Tivoli components (SunONE, TAM, WAS, WebSEAL and TFIM). Installation and Configuration of TFIM.
•        TAM and TFIM SAML based SSO. Good knowledge of SAML profiles. Customization and Development of Identity mapping (XSL) files. Used TFIM
staging utilities to migrates FIM configuration to various environments.
•        TDI design and implementation for user conversion, bulk load, orgunit provisioning and user provisioning to third party products. TDI integration
with TIM and DSML data conversion.
•        Working as liaison between implementation and business teams to fill up communication gaps.
•        Developing customized security component using product APIs.
•        Developing TDI assembly lines for integrating with third party systems.
Technology Used:        
TAM, TIM, TFIM, TDI, SunOne, Java Directory Server, DataPower WS-Security, Oracle, WebSEAL, SiteMinder, Web Agents, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2003,
RAD 6.0, WS-Security 1.0, WAS 5.x/6.x, WPS 5.x
Project Manager Development        July 2005 – Dec 2005
Job Responsibility:        
•        Developed Java based framework using TAM APIs. Developed POC and help various LOB in project integration. J2EE based application
•        Migration strategy and implementation of CA to Tivoli product.
•        Providing technical expertise to various lines of business and help in integrating application with Tivoli security solutions. Suggesting and helping
in implementing best possible technical architecture and solutions.
•        Installation, configuration and troubleshooting Tivoli products. WebSEAL junctions and query content management.
•        Implementing POC applications demonstrating various features of Tivoli.
•        Project tracking and management using PMP methodologies.
•        Developed SPML based provisioning implementation for TAM. Webservices protection using Tivoli Federated Identity Management.
•        Utilizing TAM, TIM and WebSEAL for provisioning, access control and reporting.
•        Implemented using CDAS token authentication, Password strength module and other customized module using TAM ADK, TIM ADK and WebSEAL
ADK. Working experience with TAM .Net APIs
•        Single SignOn using SPNEGO and Windows.
•        Mentoring developers and providing product expertise.
•        Solution development using Sarbox (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) Compliance standards. User provisioning/deprovisioning, Password management, Access
management, Account management and self-service, Activity monitoring, auditing, and reporting.
•        WebServices implementation for programmatic identity management services.
Technology Used:        
Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Access Manager, WebSEAL, Tivoli ADK, WebSEAL ADK, TIM ADK, TAM .Net, Tivoli Directory server, MS SQL Server, Visual
Studio 2003, RSA ACE Server, IIS, SPML, REST, SOAP, ADAM, Identity Minder, WAS 5.x

RSA ClearTrust Consultant        Feb 2005 – July 2005
Job Responsibility:        
•        Developed user friendly Client Java API to access the web service layer.
•        Implemented security solutions using RSA ClearTrust Entitlement Server, Authorization server, Dispacher Server and Key Server. Deployed
Entitlement Manager on Apache/Tomcat JSP/Servlet environment.
•        Installation and configuration Web Agent 3.5/4.6 on Apache Webserver.
•        Customization and Configuration of authentication form.
•        Sturts bases I18N implementation of authentication forms. Customize authentication implementation using Authenticator class of Runtime API.
•        SSO and ISSO implementation. Identity Management using Thor Identity.
•        User Properties and smart rule implementation of access management. Web Agent and Runtime API based clients to connect to Authorization server.
•        Developed SAML/Liberty based Federation service prototype using Ping Federation Identity.
•        Created web service for corporate identity management initiatives. Web service provides centralize implementation for Runtime and Admin API.
Protecting URI and functions.
•        Implemented Property Provider and Server Hooks using Server SPI. Property Provider for Oracle database and metadata. Server Hooks for auditing.
•        Web service for Access control management, Identity and Credential management, Audit Management and Directory management. RBAC
implementation for webservices.
•        Solution development using Sarbox (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) Compliance standards. User provisioning/deprovisioning, Password management, Access
management, Account management and self-service, Activity monitoring, auditing, and reporting.
•        UML Design using Omondo and Code verification using Checkstyle and PMD.
Technology Used:        
RSA ClearTrust 5.5.x, RSA Web Agent 3.5/4.6, RSA ClearTrust SDK (Runtime, Administrative API), Thor Identity, J2EE, Apache, Tomcat, Xerces, SunONE
Directory 5.2, Axis, TOAD, Oracle 10i, Eclipse, Checkstyle, Omondo, ClearCase, LDAP Browser, Solaris, Linux, Windows XP, Ping Federation Identity

Netegrity Consultant,        June 2004 – Feb 2005
Job Responsibility:        
•        Implementation experience of Sitminder policy server, Web agents, Webshphere TAI, Federation services.
•        Siteminder installation, development, administration and troubleshooting. Very good at troubleshooting and resolving the problems. Working
experience with large scale production environment.
•        Interacting to various clients for integrating heterogeneous application into SM SSO infrastructure.
•        Developed site implementation script using SiteMinder SDK and XML.
•        Developed service component to use SiteMinder SDK DMS API.
•        Good understanding of LDAP.
•        Good working experience with Web Agent, Reverse Proxy, Application agent and affiliation agent.
•        Implemented identity BPM using workpoint workflow. Used workpoint API to integrate with external data sources. Worklist management.
•        SSO implementation using Trusted Partner Service – Inbound (TPSI) API’s. Customized SSO object used in TPSI implementation such as acceptor.jsp,
partner.jsp/partner.asp. Hands on development experience with SM TPSI API.partner.jsp/partner.asp. Hands on development experience with SM TPSI
Technology Used:        
SiteMinder 5.5/6.0, Identity Minder 6.0, J2EE, Weblogic, SM SDK, Xerces, JAXB, SunONE Directory 5.2, Novell eDirectory, SAML, SM TPSI 1.x/2.x, SSO,
Reverse Proxy and WebAgent

Identity Mgmt Consultant,         June 2003 – June 2004
Job Responsibility:
•        Managing Identity across the heterogeneous applications. (IBM Directory, Oracle 9i, AS/400 and IBM Workflow). Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Identity provisioning.
•        Configure the LDAP Bridge between Directory and workflow for identity management.
•        Identity Lifecycle management. Self registration, Enrollment and Provisioning.
•        Identity Control, Access and privacy control, auditing and reporting. Identity and credential management.
•        Resource and web access management provisioning using Tivoli Access Manager and WebSEAL.
•        Protecting various messaging queues using protected objects. Workflow Workitem management.
•        Implemented message oriented User-Defined Program Execution Server (UPES).
•        Single sign on in portal, workflow and AS400 applications.
•        Audit and report management for identity.
•        Web application using IBM Websphere technologies. Used IBM Workflow API to create various workflow objects.
Technology Used:
IBM Tivoli Access Manager (Policy Director), IBM Tivoli WebSEAL, Websphere Application Server, Oracle 9i, Mainframe, AS/400, JT400, WSAD, IBM
Workflow, FDL, IBM Directory, Struts, Xerces, IBM MQ.

Application Architect,         July 2001 – June 2004
Job Responsibility:
•        Leading team of experienced developers for project execution. Involved in security system analysis, design and architecture.
•        Customized Federation SSO implementation using SAML. SiteMinder installation, development, administration and troubleshooting.
•        SiteMinder Identity Management using Oracle and eDirectory as user store.
•        Developed customize MVC framework for personalization. Tree data structure implementation in Oracle database.
•        Customized User Administration and Identity Management implementation.
•        SiteMinder SDK based development. Implemented Role Based Access Control for fine grained security (Page/Object Level). Used Active Response
to return information from an external source.
•        Customized authentication procedure for SM Oracle User store. Created triggers for logging and auditing. Very good in SQL and RDBMS.
•        Chrystal Reports for data mining from various SiteMinder log files. Provides various statistical reports to business users.
•        Identity Management for managing identity in eDirectory, Oracle and Legacy system. Very good at directory management.
•        Developed Filter service. Implemented various J2EE patterns. JProbe profiling for performance and memory tuning.
•        Extensive JSP, Servlet, EJB, JDBC, XML, XSL development experience.
•        Very good in RUP and XP development methodology. Used UML to map Use Cases into Object Model using Rational Tools.
•        Involved in technology risk assessment, preparing code guidelines and other architectural work.
•        Good understanding of Surpas sub-accounting system.
Technology Used:
Weblogic 6.1, UML, iPlanet Fasttrack 4.1, HTML, Javascript, Axis, Xalan, Xerces, Crymson, Log4J, Netegrity SiteMinder 4.61/5.0/5.5, Oracle 8i, Rational Rose
2000, XML Spy, VSS, CVS, JProbe, Struts, Novell eDirectory, SiteMinder Web Agent, SiteMinder SDK, SAML

Tech Lead,         Oct 2000 – July 2001
Job Responsibility:
•        Designed system architecture and accordingly helping in selecting technologies. Actuate, Crystal Clear java interface.
•        Gap Analysis for reporting application.
•        Leading RUP and XP based project development initiatives.
•        Analysis and development of Use Cases. Used Rational methodology for Use cases to Object mapping.
•        Developed the browser based ESOP, ESPP enrollment application using J2EE and WAS. Used Struts framework.
•        Test case documentation and developed JUnit unit test cases.
•        XSL to support HTML and WML. Hands on Sybase and Oracle experience. Store procedure, triggers and performance fine tuning. More than seventy
procedures developed.
•        SOAP based XML communication for heterogeneous system integration.
•        MQ Series for exchanging data with Mainframe system.
•        Very good at Bug Fixing and Troubleshooting.
Technology Used:
Policy Director, WAS 3.5, Struts, VisualAge for Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, MQ Series, JMS, Actuate 5.0, HTML, Javascript, WML, WMLScript, IBM Web Services,
UDDI, WSDL, IBM SOAP, Servlet, Sybase, Oracle, JConnect, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6, WAPTor (WML Editor)

Team Lead,         May 2000 – Sept 2000
Job Responsibility:
•        Developed Use Cases, Sequence Diagram, Interaction and Class Diagaram. Workflow (Flow Defination Language)
•        Recruitement and Selection of key technology staff. Invovled in architecture decisions and selection of core technologies and packages.
•        Project technology and resource estimation. Resource allocation.
•        Developed architecture diagram of customized identity management using iPlanet LDAP.
•        Security implementation for various Authentication and SSO framework documentation.
•        Creation of database mapping for EJB. Database design and E-R Diagram.
•        Integrating WAS application with Actuate ReportCast server. Developed adhoc and statistical report using Actuate 4.
Technology Used:
WAS, J2EE, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, JMS, EJB, MQ Series, DB2, XML, XSL, iPlanet Webserver, VSS, Actuate 4, TogetherJ, HTML, Javascript, Dreamweaver, AIX,

Team Lead/Analyst,        Jan 2000 – May 2000
Job Responsibility:
•        Webcasts template based broadcasts system.
•        Created XSL for various template, XSLT for XML transformation.
•        Integrated web exchange with TRADEUM (online auction) and ECREDIT (online credit checking) sites. Used XML parser for parsing XML returned by
ECREDIT site. Webservice based XML communication.
Technology Used:
J2EE, JDK1.2, Servlet, EJB, JCE, XML, XSL, XSLT, Lotus Domino Go Webserver, PVCS, Weblogic, CORBA

Project Lead,         July 1997 – Dec 1999
Job Responsibility:
•        Good business knowledge of banking application. Fixed Income, Credits, Term Deposit.
•        Developed Swing based applets and browser based internet banking application.
•        Desktop based Banking application developed in PowerBuilder.
Technology Used:
Java2, J2EE, JConnect, Sybase Adaptive Server, Java Webserver, Power J, PowerBuilder

Team Lead,        Nov 1996 – June 1997
Job Responsibility:
•        Human Resource application to manage the HR data.
•        Java based desktop application.
Technology Used:
Java 1.1, Sybase, PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes

System Analyst        Feb 1996 – Nov 1996
Job Responsibility:
•        ERP system for manufacturing industries.
•        Analysis, Development, Testing and troubleshooting support.
•        PowerBuilder PFC based application. Oracle 7.3 database. ERWin Design tool.



B.S. Computer Science
Master of Computer Applications
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