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Nineteen years of experience. Identity and Access Management SME with a strong background in Identity Management and Access Management
assessment, architecture, design and implementation. Has technical strengths with Oracle IDM Product Suite (OIM, OAM, OIF, OAAM, OES, OVD, OUD,
OID), SailPoint IdentityIQ and ForgeRock OpenAM, OpenIDM, OpenDJ. Experience in all phases of design, development, and implementation of enterprise
solutions. Worked for clients within the Financial, health care, and services industries as well as the Government. Current areas of expertise fall into
these categories:

•        Assessment, Architecture, Design and implementation of identity and access management solutions in large enterprise environments.
•        Integration of identity and access management solutions into customers' infrastructure and applications.
•        Understand, assess and analyze the existing business and management processes and provide tailor made solutions to meet the customer
•        Proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment interacting with multiple teams and performing multiple tasks simultaneously to drive the
successful results for customers.


•        Identity and Access Management
•        User Provisioning
•        Privileged Account Management
•        Single Sign-On
•        Identity Federation
•        RBAC
•        Fine Grained Authorization/Entitlements
•        Directory Services
•        Security and Networking
•        Cloud Computing

Work Experience

Identity Management SME
January 2012 – Present

•        Assessment, Architecture, Design and Implementation of enterprise solutions involving Identity and Access Management.
•        Oracle IDM Product Suite (OIM, OAM, OIF, OAAM, OES, OVD, OUD, OID)
•        SailPoint IdentityIQ
•        ForgeRock OpenAM, OpenIDM, OpenDJ
•        CA Identity Suite and Single Sign-On
•        Ping Identity Federate

Technical Manager
January 2006 – December 2011

•        Provided Identity and Access Management solutions to more than 30 customers, starting from requirements to go-live
•        Deployed solutions involving Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Adaptive Access
Manager (OAAM), Oracle Identity Manager(OIM), Oracle Identity Federation (OIF), Oracle Identity analytics (OIA), Oracle Entitlement Server (OES),
OpenSSO Fedlet

Security Architect
October 2004 – January 2006 (1 year 4 months)

•        Integrate NCIR application with Oblix CoreID (Oracle Access Manager) for Authentication, Authorization and SSO
•        Java Programming, Web Services

March 2004 – September 2004

•        Implemented authentication and SSO solution for Unix/DB administrators involving open source products
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