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Sample Resumes - Peningo Forgerock Consulting
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Has an expertise in SSO / Access and Identity management solutions for the last 10
years with clients in UK / Europe and the United States. Has worked for all the largest

Product's used range from IBM Tivoli SSO Suite / Oracle SSO Suite / CA / Forgerock and

As a senior consultant, he can design and architect solutions as well and day to day
installation / configuration / troubleshooting , this is helped by 20 years Unix and network
experience, with load balancing / clustering and high availability options.

•        Design of a Load Balanced dual OpenAM Infrastructure
•        Installation and configuration of OpenAM 10.0.1 / 10.1.0
•        Installation and configuration of OpenDJ
•        REST based integration for mobile applications
•        OpenAM Integration into Google
•        OAuth2 Integration with Openam to Facebook
•        Amazon EC2 design to a global multi zone global OpenAM Infrastructure
•        SAML Based Authentication with a SP and IDP
•        Load Balancing / Clustering / High Availability / Ldap Replication
Nineteen years of experience. Identity and Access Management SME with a strong
background in Identity Management and Access Management assessment,
architecture, design and implementation. Has technical strengths with Oracle IDM
Product Suite (OIM, OAM, OIF, OAAM, OES, OVD, OUD, OID), SailPoint IdentityIQ and
ForgeRock OpenAM, OpenIDM, OpenDJ. Experience in all phases of design,
development, and implementation of enterprise solutions. Worked for clients within the
Financial, health care, and services industries as well as the Government. Current
areas of expertise fall into these categories:

•        Assessment, Architecture, Design and implementation of identity and access
management solutions in large enterprise environments.
•        Integration of identity and access management solutions into customers'
infrastructure and applications.


•        Identity and Access Management
•        User Provisioning
•        Privileged Account Management
•        Single Sign-On
•        Identity Federation
•        RBAC
•        Fine Grained Authorization/Entitlements
•        Directory Services
•        Security and Networking
•        Cloud Computing