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Peningo CA IT Asset Manager Consultants . If you wish to speak with someone from
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with the CA IT Asset Manager Solution Implementation.  With Peningo Systems IT Asset
Management Consultants, we can help your organization design, test and deploy a solution that
includes one or more of the following CA IT Asset Manager areas and  modules:

  • CA IT Asset Manager Implementation and deployment of all Modules

  • Asset Portfolio Management - Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM) is a
    product that reduces costs and increases efficiency by managing the life cycle of your
    assets—from planning and requisitioning, to retirement and disposal. It is a scalable,
    easy-to-use enterprise product that manages IT assets and resources and their financial
    impact on the organization

  • CA Software Compliance Manager - CA Software Compliance Manager simplifies the
    complexities associated with software license management that often impede your
    organization’s efforts to minimize risk and contain costs.

  • CA Service Catalog - CA Service Catalog is an integrated product that simplifies the
    administration of and access to your IT services. Through their service catalog interface,
    end users can view the services they have requested, browse for and request additional
    service offerings, and review their account, request history, activities and statuses.

  • •Asset Converter for Microsoft SMS - The CA Asset Converter for Microsoft SMS
    transfers the inventory collected by Microsoft SMS into the CA enterprise management
    database (MDB), providing a single point of analysis with the ability to leverage the broad
    range of integrated CA asset management solutions.

  • CA Mobile Device Management - CA Mobile Device Management provides enterprise
    management of BlackBerry devices, delivering consolidated asset inventory,
    configuration management, policy compliance, security management and reporting. This
    agent-less solution includes over-the-air provisioning and management of devices, a
    Web-based console and user self-service capabilities. -