Peningo Netezza Consultants - IBM PureData Consultants
Welcome to the Peningo Netezza (now IBM Pure Data)
Consultants Page.  For years Peningo has provided Netezza
Architects, Netezza Database Administrator, and Netezza
Developers. We can support your Netezza - IBM Pure Data
Consulting needs. Some the areas the we support include:

  • Netezza Database Administration - Netezza DBA
  • Netezza Developers and DBA with expertise in NZSQL ,
    NZLoad, NZLoad
  • Netezza Database Migration
  • Netezza Integrations
  • Netezza Database Design
  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL
  • Netezza Perfornace tuning of applications and Database
  • Data Modeling
Has contacting vendors to hire IBM PureData / Netezza
Consultants ever have you feeling "Blue"?  With Peningo
Systems, you have another option for retaining the Netezza
expertise you need...but... at drastically reduced hourly rates.
We have supported and provided IT Consultants with the
expertise in the Netezza product line to "end clients" for
years. We know your requirements!    
Email us your Netezza requirements to
Peningo Netezza - IBM Pure Data Consultants
If you have any special requests or requirements, please
email us at .
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