Peningo Consultant Services
Peningo Consultant Services
Your time is very important. While working as a
Consultant, you might feel like you are well over
your head. Between dealing with administration,
billing, receivables, and tax implications for
services provided, who has time being a
Consultant!!  With Peningo, you are no longer
alone. We can help relieve this burden off your
shoulders, while leaving plenty of time for your
most important task....being a Consultant.

Our Consultant Services are intended to assist the
IT Consultant in their independence from the
Prestigious ones", while providing the same
services to the "end client". By doing this, we
leave plenty of room for you to increase your
compensation, while still providing a drastic
saving to the "end client" . These saving in cost
will only enhance your desirability and
continuity with the "end client".

With Peningo Services behind you, the IT
Consultant, can match any services that the
Prestigious ones" can provide, but at a much
reduced cost to the "end client"!!
Thanks to the “Prestigious ones”, many Consultants who
are overburdened with the weight of having a “high price
tag” to the “end client” along with unnecessary
administrative tasks, find themselves walking ten feet
under water, instead of their normal place…….which is to
walk on water for the “end client”.....Peningo...Help!!!!
Peningo for
The benefits from joining Peningo are:

  • Better Rates
  • Profile Promotion to “End Clients”
  • From W2 to own Corporation
  • Consultants Exchange
  • Peningo’s Opinion Papers

Please read below for details on each benefit.

For reasons why Peningo does not support 1099s please refer to the details at the end of this
Web page.

Better Rates

Peningo’s method of compensation on an all inclusive hourly rate coupled with our objective
of eliminating the excessive Markups of the “Prestigious Ones” will make possible a
substantial increase in your hourly rate, one that will reflect the benefits that you will be
responsible to fund from your rate, like idle time between projects, days-off without
compensation, healthcare and retirement plans of your own and if the assignment is away
from your home base a split on your hourly rate to reflect a non taxable per diem instead of an
expense account.

All of these elements have the common thread that they are under your control and are
funded by you, giving you the independence to choose what you want to do without any
strings attached.

Peningo will be available to help you achieve your goals.

Profile Promotion to “End Clients”

Peningo’s promotion of your profile will be limited to “End Clients” and all intermediaries
will be avoided.  Your profile will be among that of Peningo Members that have achieved
expertise and excellence in their specialties.  Our promotion of your profile will be based on a
clear understanding of your capabilities and the “End Clients” requirements.

Peningo has an extensive experience avoiding mismatching profiles to client requirements,
thus ensuring that the assignment will yield a great degree of satisfaction for both the
consultant and the “End Client”.

From W2 to own Corporation

Peningo’s various options for employment or contracting relationships are organized to
support you in your road (if you so desire) to establishing your own corporation.  These
options are:

W2 + Per Diem
W2 + Finders Fees
W2 + Per Diem + Finders Fees
Corporation to Corporation

Each option may be supplanted by another one at any time to establish the relationship best
suited for a particular time in the consultant development.

The Consultants Exchange

Scheduled for introduction in the first quarter of 2008, Peningo intends to administer and run
a “Consultants Exchange” where the Consultants and the “End Clients” may CONTRACT
directly.  The Peningo Member will always have available the opportunity to obtain
administrative support from Peningo.

The Consultant Exchange will be ideal for Peningo Members that have grown and are ready
for the responsibility of dealing directly with the “End Client” without any help from
Peningo or with Peningo administrative support.  It is also ideal for Peningo Members that
have their own Clients and wishes to use The Consultants Exchange to obtain the supporting
services of Peningo.

Peningo’s Opinion Papers

Peningo’s opinion on the various subjects of  “Consulting versus Permanent Employment”
“Incorporation”, “Healthcare”, “Retirement”, “Jurisdiction of State Taxes”,  “Off-Shore”  and
many other subjects of interest to the consulting community are available for sale at the
Peningo’s  Store.

Peningo do not support 1099 relationships

Peningo do not support 1099 employment relationships as according to 1706 to qualify for a
1099 you must have services at risk.  As such is not the case (you will be paid for every
approved hour) classifying a consultant as a 1099 will be considered a misclassification subject
to stiff penalties from the Federal and State taxing authorities even if the consultant were to
discharge the tax obligations under a 1099 relationship.  In addition misclassification places
the consultant in a position not supported by law, consequently all the consultants
agreements (Software rights, confidentiality, etc.) may be considered null and void (Please
refer to the IRS 20 questions test for 1099s).