Sample Resumes - Peningo Tivoli Identity Manager Consultants
Peningo Systems has provided Tivoli Identity Manager Consulting Services for years. Peningo Systems
can provide Tivoli Identity Manager Consultants at the Professional Service Level. Below are sample
resumes of Tivoli Identity Manager Consultants:
Sample Resumes - Peningo Tivoli Identity Manager Consultants
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Has architected, reviewed, engineered, deployed and upgraded enterprise wide
implementations of Identity Management, Access Management, Compliance and Security
Technologies.  Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM) – utilizes Extended-Enterprise model for people
relationships with the organizations, Security Policy, Procedures and Standards for application
entitlement's, to create / update / suspend / restore / delete  user accounts and entitlement's
across managed user stores such as LDAP, Databases, Desktop Management Systems (AD,
NT, Novell), UNIX Servers (AIX, HP/UX, Solaris), Mainframe (RACF, ACF2) Email Systems
(Exchange, Lotus Notes), Databases (Oracle, DB2), Secure Id Tokens, and application specific
user records (VSAM, Text Files, etc). Have installed and configured TIM agents for LDAP,
Windows 2000, Active Directory, Solaris, HP/UNIX, Oracle and SYBASE databases, AS/400, RACF
and ACF2.
Eight years Access Management and Identity Management. Consulted for a Enterprise Identity
and Access Management Strategy, Discovery, Business Analysis and IAM Reference Architecture
development.  Assisted Data Security Services with key security projects and compliance
initiatives. Consulted and led an Access and Identity Management implementation.  
Responsibilities included business requirements’ analysis and documentation of enterprise IAM
strategy, development of a technical architecture and solution design using IBM Tivoli Access
Manager and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager products, web security infrastructure management and
integrated security support for application development, enterprise directory design, authoritative
data source mapping, definition of provisioning policies, configuration of access control
information, RBAC (role-based access control) approval workflow and lifecycle management.  
Designed data Integration and synchronization using IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator.  Developed
Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Consultant - Tivoli SOA Security Architect with an expertise in IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager / ITFIM
implementation and deployment. Other area’s of expertise includes Assess Management with Tivoli Access Manager.
A consultant with 18 years experience in coding, operating systems, network, systems and security management.  Has a strong background in
Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Access Manager, Tivoli Directory Server, Tivoli Directory Integrator, LDAP, and WebSEAL. Engagements are
predominantly a mixture of management infrastructure design, hands-on customisation and scripting, technical project management, and
skills transfer.
Over 13 years of experience in planning, design, implementation, and administration of small, medium, and large Internet Infrastructures with
over three years of experience in Access Management and Identity Management. Extensive knowledge of Access and Identity Management,
Systems Architecture, Software Development Lifecycle, Quality Assurance, Source Code Control, Scripting, Operating Systems and
data/communications networks, developed through work experience and professional training. Highly proficient in design, installation,
configuration, and administration of IBM Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM), IBM Directory Server, WebSphere
Application Server,  WebSphere Portal Server, IBM HTTP Server, and Microsoft IIS,  on AIX, SOLARIS, LINUX, and Windows. Experienced in
design and implementation of Highly Available and scalable ITIM/TAM environment by use of replication between multiple Directory Servers
and by use of WebSphere Clusters for ITIM application.  Provided lead engineering, development, integration, documentation, and testing effort
for the security releases including Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM), Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI), and Tivoli
Federated Identity Manager (TFIM).  Involved in migration of ITIM, TAM, and TFIM from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating
system Installed and configured Tivoli Directory Server (TDS), ITIM, TAM, and TDI in highly available, clustered environment.
Fifteen years experience. Tivoli Consultant / Architect with a strong background in Identity Management, Tivoli Identity Manager (4 years), IBM
Directory Server, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, Active Directory / Active directory adapter, IBM Directory
Integrator,  Lotus Domino, Oracle,  and MS Windows infrastructures. IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6.
Java background, implemented various J2EE (Websphere/Weblogic/Geronimo) based projects in IdM technologies. Excellent written and
communication skills. Strong Java background. Working experience of Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Tivoli Identity Management (TIM), Tivoli
Federated Identity Management (TFIM), Tivoli Provisioning, WebSEAL/plug-in, eTrust SiteMinder Policy Server/Web Agent/Option Pack, eTrust
Websphere TAI agent, RSA ClearTrust, RSA Web Agent, Ping Federation Service, Tivoli Directory server, Tivoli Directory Integrator, Sun Java
System Directory Server, CA eTrust Directory Server and Novell eDir LDAP.   Federated Identity Management implementation using SAML1.0,
SAML1.1, SAML2.0, Liberty Alliance and WS-Federation profiles. Browser (Artifact/POST) and Document based federation implementation.
Twenty years experience. Tivoli Consultant with a strong background in Tivoli Architecture, Tivoli Access Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, DM -
ITM upgrades, IDI / IDS, Tivoli Decision Support  / TDS (5 years+), TEC, Framework, MQ Series Administration, TSM and NetView.
Tivoli Security Experts ( ITAM/ITIM) - Provide technical guidance and expertise in ITAM, ITIM, Integrating Applications within the SSO
infrastructure. Install, configure, maintain ITIM 4.6, ITAM 5.1, LDAP 6, WebSphere Portal 5.1. Apply patches and E-Fixes for ITIM, ITAM, LDAP,
WAS and WPS. Configure WAS/ITIM to SSO to WAS/WPS and enable global security. Integrate ITAM with WebSphere Portal. Configure Portal
Vault credentials and TAM GSO for Portal SSO.  Configure multiple instances of ITIM for HA. Install and configure ITIM adapters ( TAM Adapter,
TAM GSO Adapters). Configure SSL between LDAP servers,  LDAP and ITIM, ITIM and ITIM Adapters. Configure ITIM Services, Provisioning
polices, Password Policies, Identity Policies, Entitlements, Adapters, and Self Service. Customize ITIM according to the companies needs.        
Configure ITIM to provision account to resources such TAM, TAMGSO.
Highly proficient in design, installation, configuration, and administration of WebSphere Application Server,  WebSphere Portal Server, IBM
Directory Server, Tivoli Access Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, IBM HTTP Server, and Microsoft IIS,  on AIX,
SOLARIS, LINUX, and Windows.   Hands-on experience with LDAP, IBM Tivoli Access Manager Security Server, Tivoli Identity  Manager,
WebSEAL Servers, Policy Server, WebSphere Application Server,  WebSphere Portal and Cognos.
  Senior Tivoli Architect with 10 years of core IT experience in systems administration, applications development, and implementing security
application solutions.  Of those 10 years, 8 years have been dedicated toward implementing, supporting & designing security & privacy
solutions for Fortune 500 corporations utilizing IBM Tivoli Security applications. Has assisted corporations implementing complex identity &
access management solutions in the capacity as a developer and designer/architect. Design security business solutions utilizing IBM Tivoli
Identity Manager and Tivoli Access Manager. Identify and evaluate client security requirements for various business partners (entertainment,
content management and financial corporations) and create security project plans based on client’s business requirements. Provide security